PHA (Periodic Health Assessment)

Health Benefit Advisor (HBA) office serves as liaison with TRICARE to provide health care services to Uniformed Service members, retirees and their families worldwide. Enrollment in TRICARE Prime is required for your PHA

(757) 953-8708
Office Hours:
0730-1530 Mon-Thu
0730-1400 Fri

Relay Health
Relay Health and Primary Care Medical Home Port work together to better meet your health care needs via email. Enrollment in Relay Health is mandatory to assist you in updating your IMR and ordering labs. With Relay Health, you may also schedule appointments with your doctor, receive lab results, request medication refills, access healthcare information and create your own personal health record. For additional questions, you may contact your BHC NAVSTA Norfolk Primary Care Medical Home Port Teams at:

Team 1: (757) 953-8882
Team 2: (757) 953-8741
Team 3: (757) 953-8744
0700-1530 M-F

Health Records
Your medical records are required for your PHA, all volumes if more than one.
Questions concerning Health Records may be directed at

(757) 953-8700
Office Hours: 0645-1600 M-F

 Online Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) Self Screening Process

To start your Online IMR  process, you need to perform the next four steps in order

Step 1. Enrollment  in Relay Health is required for PHA’s  (Only Medical Home Port enrollees).  Must add your assigned Primary Care Manager to your Relay Health account.

Step 2. Print your IMR report from BUPERS Online or Marine Online CAC card or Login ID accessible.

  • Navy: Click on the IMR link & launch MRRS 
  • Marine Corps: Click on Individual Medical Record link

Step 3. Checklist: Print and Read Instructions.  Utilize your checklist to only update “Due” items identified  within your IMR or items that will become “Due”  within 30days. Skip all sections that are not “Due” or not requiring updates.

            For further information, utilize the Step-by-Step Tool to guide you through the IMR/PHA process

Navy Checklist    Marine Corps Checklist
Step-by-Step e-Tool to help you update your IMR  Step-by-Step e-Tool to help you update your IMR 

Step 4. You must compete the Health Risk Appraisal Survey (annual requirement).  Your UIC/RUC is your log-on ID.


Hand carry to your appointment this checklist, BOL/MOL IMR print-out, your Medical Record and your Health Risk Appraisal survey. 


Electronic Deployment Health Assessment (eDHA)

  a. If "Due" in your IMR, please complete survey by clicking here

  b. Passphrase is required to log into eDHA (passphrase: Activenavy1# (case sensitive))


Optional Labs.
You may now request testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) through your Primary Care Manager at Relay Health, voluntarily and confidentially. Please review the STD Fact Sheet for more information..


Congratulations on updating your IMR

You may now schedule your PHA Appointment
at 1-866-645-4584


Note: “Due” sections must be updated and surveys completed prior to your PHA appointment. If these requirements have not been completed prior to your PHA appointment, you may be rescheduled to a later date and time.

All requirements for Pre-Requisites, updated IMR “Due” sections and surveys must be completed prior to your PHA appointment. If these requirements have not been completed prior to your PHA appointment, you may be rescheduled to a later date and time. Thank you.


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