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Baby Friendly

Baby Friendly Programs
Our hospital is the first on Florida's First Coast to earn the coveted international Baby Friendly  certification from World Health Organization and United Nations Children's Fund. Certification was granted after a rigorous on-site survey, and is maintained by continuing to follow 10 steps crucial to supporting breastfeeding. Breast milk is called "uniquely superior" by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and offers significant health benefits to babies and moms. We're proud to support all moms and babies with a wide variety of programs, services and free classes (for expecting and new parents who plan to give birth at our hospital). Please call (904) 542-BABY (2229) for more information.
Breastfeeding is welcome at all of our facilities--and special "Milky Way" rooms are available at our hospital for breast pumping and for mothers who would like some quiet time while feeding their infants, with locations at Pediatrics (East Annex, 1st Floor, Room 1830) and 5th Floor (Central Tower, Room 5038B). A lactation nurse is available at (904) 542-9671 or cell: (904) 250-6374 (Hospital Central Tower, 8th Floor, Room 8026). A  lactation nurse is available at NBHC Mayport, (904) 270-4289.

Burial At Sea

NBHC Mayport collaborates with fleet personnel to support this Navy program. Obtain the request for from Navy Personnel Command's website (under Support & Sevices, Casualty Assistance, Mortuary Services, Burial At Sea) or call (904) 270-4285.

Case Management

Coordinates care for patients with multiple, complex or catastrophic conditions. This includes deployment help and transition support for military personnel and their families.
Lead Case Manager (located in OB/GYN): (904) 542-9334
Catastrophic Active Duty and ER: (904) 542-7675
Exceptional Family Member: (904) 542-7348
Family Medicine (Medical Home Port teams): (904) 542-7947/9947
High-Risk Complicated: (904) 542-9711
Internal Medicine (Medical Home Port team): (904) 542-7539/7310
Mental Health: (904) 546-6304
Pediatrics (Medical Home Port team): (904) 542-7432/9567
Social Services/Discharge: (904) 542-7354
Wounded Warrior - Safe Harbour: (904) 542-9581

NBHC Albany: (229) 639-8663
NBHC Jacksonville: (904) 546-7069
NBHC Key West: (305) 293-4854/4838
NBHC Kings Bay: (912) 573-4209/4210
NBHC Mayport: (904) 270-4293/4294/4341


Pastoral Care nurtures the spiritual health of patients and staff. We provide inpatient visits, pastoral and grief counseling, religious resources, worship opportunities, educational programs (marriage enrichment, suicide prevention, Care for the Caregiver, etc.), referral information and crisis intervention. At the hospital, we offer the Chapel as a quiet, reflective space for meditation or prayer, 24/7.
Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor, (904) 542-7531. For emergencies call (904) 542-7300 and request the duty chaplain.
Branch health clinics can also access spiritual support from the base chaplain.

Decedent Affairs

Services include coordination of autopsies, preparation of death certificates and advice for family members of patients who are eligible for benefits.
Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor, Room 2006, (904) 542-7584

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Serves active duty families with special health and education needs.
Hospital East Annex, 1st Floor (near Medical Records), (904) 542-7348

BHC Albany: (229) 639-7886
BHC Jax: (904) 542-7348
BHC Key West: (305) 293-4842
BHC Kings Bay: (912) 573-6618
BHC Mayport: (904) 270-4204/4386

Hospital United Grief Support (HUGS)

Hospital United Grief Support
Supports families who experience a miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death for up to a year after the loss.
Call (904) 382-4261 or ask any staff member to connect you with a HUGS counselor.

Interpreters/Launguage Line

Contact the hospital's quarterdeck at (904) 542-7300. Quarterdeck staff will contact the Officer of the Day to access language services.

Medical Home Port

Primary care teams have earned Patient Centered Medical Home recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). NCQA's recognition programs are built on evidence-based, nationally  recognized clinical standards of care. Patients with a primary care manager (PCM) at our hospital or a branch health clinic belong to a primary  care team--as part of Medical Home Port. It places you at the center of a collaborative team of caregivers--from doctors to case managers. Led by your PCM, your team focuses on your comprehensive health care needs--urgent, preventive and routine.

Plans, Operations and Medical Intelligence (POMI)

Ensures the deployment readiness of assigned hospital and branch health clinic active duty personnel. Also provides administrative and logistical support to active duty deployments in support of global contigencies and national emergencies.
Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor, Room 2025, (904) 542-9140/9142

Preventive Medicine/Environmental Health

Please contact us to report concerns about insect infestations or unsanitary conditions at on-base facilities.
Hospital (Building 2034): (904) 542-8397
NBHC Albany: (229) 639-7815/9839
NBHC Jacksonville: (904) 546-7025/7026/7024
NBHC Key West: (305) 293-3899/3925/4853
NBHC Kings Bay: (912) 573-4253
NBHC Mayport: (904) 270-4346

Reintegrate, Educate and Advance Combatants in Healthcare (REACH)

REACH is a Navy Medicine initiative to recruit and employ Wounded Warriors in medical positions in the federal government.
Hospital: (904) 342-6665


A web-based service that offers 24/7 secure email to connect you to your PCM at no cost. This email system can be used for non-urgent issues—like requesting lab results or appointments. It can take one business day for your team to reply. Sign up at For technical help call (866) 735-2963.   

Ribbons & Roses

Our breast cancer support group meets monthly (September through June) in General Surgery on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. This is an educational meeting and a chance to interact with other breast cancer survivors. Spouses are encouraged to participate.


Hospital East Annex
2nd Floor (General Surgery)
(904) 542-7857


   American Red Cross

Please call if you're interested in volunteering:
•(904) 542-7525
(Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor).
NBHC Mayport (904) 270-4365.
Coordinates and manages all volunteers.  

   Pet Visitation Program

• (904) 542-7635
“Canine Corps”: All dogs are screened for health, temperament and obedience and have earned Canine Good Citizen certification, and handlers check-in to the command via the Red Cross volunteer process (including security clearance) which can be six to eight weeks.

Wounded Warrior

The Navy's sole organization for coordinating the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, and providing resources and assistance to their families. Serves hospital and branch health clinics.
Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor (Room 2110), (904) 542-9581




Primary care clinics at our hospital and branch health clinics have earned Patient Centered Medical Home recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). NCQA's recognition programs are built on evidence-based, nationally recognized clinical stardards of care.

We are fully accredited by The Joint Commission—the nation's premiere accrediting body for hospitals across the country. Please visit The Joint Commission website at for updated information on our accreditation and to see how we’re perfoming, even in areas where we seek improvement. We believe you have the right to make informed decisions about your health care. If you have compliments or concerns, we encourage you to contact Patient Relations; the department manager of the clinic where you received care; or the Commanding Officer’s Care Line at (904) 542-CARE (2273). If you feel your concerns about patient safety or quality of care remain unresolved, you may report them to The Joint Commission at One Renaissance Blvd., Oakbrook Terrace, IL, 60180, (800) 994-6610, or email

Care Eligibility

For more information on care eligibility at our hospital, contact the Eligibility Officer.
Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor, Room 2006, (904) 542-7584 (Patient Administration)



Contact DEERS Support Office at (800) 538-9552, or or see DEERS information at  

Fraud, Waste and Resource Abuse

An Inspector General investigator is located at the hospital. Concerns can be submitted in person, by voicemail or email.                                                                                         Hospital (Building 2004, 2nd Floor, Room 200), (904) 542-7727 or

Information & Release of Information

The hospital’s quarterdeck, near our pharmacy, is staffed 24/7 and can provide general hospital information. Volunteers staff the information desk at the hospital’s outpatient entrance. Branch health clinic quarterdecks are not staffed after-hours. Medical information is protected by federal law—the 1974 Privacy Act and the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)—so staff can only provide general information (not patient-specific).

Late Policy

Thank you for partnering with us and arriving on time for appointments, so we can also see our other patients on time. To reschedule or cancel, please call your Appointment Line or clinic well in advance. We ask you to call us 24 hours in advance, so we can give your time slot to another patient who needs care.

Medical Records

Military medical records are, by law, the property of the U.S. government and must remain in our facilities at all times. You may request a copy of your medical record or have your record transferred by visiting us. Please allow two to three weeks for copies. If you are separating or retiring, please allow six to eight weeks. If you would like your spouse or other adult family member to be able to pick up a copy of your medical records, you can provide us with written authorization.

Hospital (Outpatient Records): East Annex, 1st Floor, (904) 542-7425/Fax (904) 542-7281
Hospital (Inpatient Records): Central Tower, 2nd Floor, (904) 542-7362
NBHC Albany: (229) 639-7827/7886
NBHC Jacksonville: (904) 546-7108/7109
NBHC Key West: (305) 293-4833/3957
NBHC Kings Bay: (912) 573-4242
NBHC Mayport: (904) 270-4242 


Contact the Social Security Administration at or call (800) 772-1213.


Children under 18 usually cannot be treated without parental consent. Parents can designate a third party to give consent—this is especially important for single, active duty parents. Please fill out an Authorization for Medical Care form at Outpatient Medical Records. Minor children who do not live with their military sponsor need to have an up-to-date military information card, no matter what their age, and need to ask their sponsor to keep their DEERS information current. Children age 10 and over need a military ID card (which can be obtained from PSD) for all treatment services given. We ask that adults (who have an appointment for themselves) not bring children with them who require supervision, as staff is unable to provide this. The base Child Development Center and School Age Care programs are resources.

Other Health Insurance

Please submit information on any non-TRICARE health insurance you have to Medical Records, the clinic check-in clerk, or Collections (Hospital Central Tower, 1st Floor, (904) 546-6210/6212). Federal law requires us to bill any other health insurance you have for your care. This will not result in any cost to you, and you will not be responsible for paying deductibles for care received here. All monies recovered are used to improve patient services.


Security provides physical and investigative security as well as parking control.

Hospital Central Tower, 1st Floor, Room 1117 (by loading dock), (904) 542-7545

Smoking & Tobacco

We proudly offer smoke-free environments. In support of the health of all patients, there is no smoking anywhere at our facilities: parking lots, grounds, sidewalks, atriums or inside. Our Wellness Center and Health Promotions stand ready to assist you with quitting—please call us!

Veteran Affairs

For information on veterans' health benefits, go to, call (877) 222-8387 or contact your local Fleet and Family Support Center.