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​Scope of Services: The area of responsibility (AOR) for the NHCP Industrial Hygiene Department includes:
· Camp Pendleton
· NWS Seal Beach
· NWS Fallbrook
· NSWC Corona
· Marine Corps Programs Hawthorne Nevada
· Navy Reserve Center Moreno Valley 
Industrial Hygienist are available at the branch clinics located:
· Port Hueneme
· Barstow
· Yuma.
The services provided by the department include but are not limited to:
· Baseline and periodic IH surveys
· IH technical consultations
· Special surveys and investigation of employee health complaints
The scope of work required to complete these services include:
· Laboratory identification of asbestos
· Personal and area sampling for vapors, mists, dusts and fumes
· Personal and area monitoring for noise
Special surveys are conducted for Indoor air quality (IAQ) issues such as:
· Mold
· Moisture
· Heat/Cold
· Other unknown irritants
Technical consultations are performed for issues such as:
· Pregnant employee counseling
· Construction and renovation plan reviews
· Hazardous materials storage issues
· Laboratory safety
· Range safety
· Numerous other issues that require scientific investigation
Industrial Hygiene
Industrial Hygiene

Phone Number

Phone Number
(760) 725-4260

Hours of Operation

0600 - 1630


Building H-143