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Tobacco Cessation


Ways to Quit Tobacco


Local Classes at Naval Health Clinic Cherry Point (NHCCP)

The Command utilizes the American Cancer Society’s program of “Freshstart” for Tobacco Cessation.  This course is designed to assist participants to acquire positive lifestyle skills in the areas of stress management, goal setting, nutrition and exercise to enhance tobacco cessation and remain tobacco free for life.  Common medications for tobacco cessation are Zyban (also known as Bupropion or Wellbutrin), Chantix (also known as Varenicline) and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) found in nicotine patches and gum and are available here at the Naval Health Clinic.  You can also be assisted in going “Cold Turkey” if you choose. 

The course consists of four sessions, each conducted by the clinic's tobacco cessation facilitator. 

·    Location:  Sessions entail a variety of learning avenues offered in a relaxed atmosphere, presented in the Health Promotion Classroom near the Immunization Clinic in the Naval Health Clinic at Cherry Point MCAS.

·    Class times:  Classes are by appointment only, and couples, roommates and groups are highly encouraged.

·    Individual sessions:  Are available for those who cannot attend the weekly classes.

·    For more information, please contact the Tobacco Cessation Facilitator at 466-0277

Tobacco Cessation Medications through your Primary Care Provider

It is not necessary to attend a class to get medications to help you quit tobacco use.  Any licensed (NHCCP) Medical Provider may prescribe it, but studies have found that the best success rates in quitting tobacco use are the Combination method of “In-person counseling and support and medication”.

* Please note that the pharmacy will not fill a prescription for a tobacco cessation medication from an outside medical provider.

           Tobacco Cessation Medications


 Nicotine Patch and/or Gum


Quit Tobacco Make Everyone Proud

  • From the Department of Defense; designed for service members, open to all (AD, retired and beneficiaries)
  • Can create a My Quit Plan:  quit date, reasons for quitting, dollar savings, method of quitting, triggers, family and friend support through e-cards
  • Live, real-time encouragement from trained tobacco cessation coaches via the 24/7 “chat” feature is available.
  • Has a Search tool which locates support based on location and branch of the military
  • Has an Add Up the Cash tool


American Cancer Society

  • Go to the “Tools & Calculators” section to take a quiz to determine your level of need with cessation assistance
  • Contains easy-to-understand information covering all aspects of quitting
  • Provides links to search for quit lines, get help  from your friends through e-cards, and join online discussion groups
  • Has a great list of Do’s and Don’ts to help people quit


The Ex Plan

  • Developed by the National Alliance for Tobacco Cessation
  • Can download a free workbook that trains you to RE-LEARN HABITS and quit
  • Can create a Personal Ex Quit Smoking Plan for free:  includes a cigarette tracker log, trigger exercises, information on the use of NRT and prescription medications, ways to deal with stress, and live a healthier life during the quitting process
  • Provides additional support through blogs, forums, and groups         


Quit for Keeps

  • Through North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
  • or call toll free 1-800-784-8669 or TTY# 1-877-777-6534 (English or Spanish version)
  • Provided free to NC residents, many other states have similar programs
  • Can be assigned to a personal quit coach with the ability to make follow-up appointments


Don’t forget the Great American Smoke-Out



Resource Name

Internet Address

Description of site




American Lung Association


Offers a variety of products to help quit.

American Cancer Society


Variety of tobacco info.

Center for Disease Control (CDC)


Tobacco news and research data.

Dr Koop

Health Central Health Information and guide on a variety of topics.

Quit tips and medical info.

Internet info services
Search “Tobacco Cessation”

Tobacco Cessation Info.

Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA)
Search “Tobacco Cessation”

Medical Journal Articles.

MedLine Plus

Medical Information

Nat’l Cancer Institute

Fact Sheets

N & MC Public Health Clinic


Navy Tobacco Info.

Navy Bureau of Medicine (BUMED)


Navy Health Promotion Info

Nicotine Anonymous


Support Group.

Office of the Surgeon General


Help to quit options and latest info on cessation.

Quit Keeper


Downloadable Tracking Program.  Tracks your success.

Smoke Free


Cessation Lines and Quitlines

Smokescreen Action Network


Site to talk directly to law makers.

The Quit Net

Interactive tools and online support.

Tobacco Intervention network / Mint Snuff


National network of health Professionals who share info.

U Can Quit 2


General Info site.

Virtual Naval Hospital


Naval News Articles.

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