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Patient Services
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Mission Statement

To provide optimal pharmaceutical care to our patients, ensuring operational readiness. Care will be provided to meet the patient needs as determined by the medical staff in concert with the Head, Pharmacy Department.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 0730 - 1730

Customer Service Representative

HM1 Canto, 466-0252

Description of Department Operations

Outpatient Formulary, please logon at

If your medication is not on the NHCCP formulary you may take your prescription to a retail network pharmacy to have it filled. You may also register with the Tricare Mail Order Program (TMOP) and have your prescription filled through Express Scripts.

There are New Pharmacy Copayments for TRICARE Beneficiaries Effective Oct. 1, 2011. Details regarding these new copayments can be found by clicking the following link.

There is Important Information for your TRICARE Beneficiaries About Walgreens and Your Retail Pharmacy Benefit. You can find out more by clicking the following link.

Beneficiaries who use TRICARE pharmacy home delivery get prescription medications shipped conveniently to their door. Home delivery also gives beneficiaries the option of automatic prescription refills when their medication supply is running low. For more information, please visit

Refill Process: ALL refills need to be called in via the telephone refill system. Walk-up refills are not normally authorized and will be handled on a case by case basis. The information required to use this system can be found on your NHCCP prescription bottle. If you have misplaced or lost your bottle or the original packaging, we will be able to assist you with that information over the phone. All medication refills will be available for pick up at the back of the Marine Corps Exchange (where check cashing windows used to be located) during the hours of 1000 - 1730 Monday - Friday. You will not be able to pick refills up at the Naval Health Clinic.  Online Refills: You may also register with the Tricare Online to have your refills processed via the internet.

The processing time on refills is 4 business days.

Transfers: To receive the remaining refills on an existing prescription from antoher MTF, you should bring in the medication with the original label. We are unable to process prescriptions originally filled at a retail pharmacy. We can however transfer prescriptions originally filled at NHCCP to a retail pharmacy. You may also register with Tricare Online and have your existing prescriptions from and MTF refilled at our pharmacy.

POLICY CHANGE **In order to pick up a prescription for your spouse, dependant, or acquaintance over the age of 18, you will need to bring in a copy of their I.D. card front and back.

POLICY CHANGE **  Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Changes to Schedule II Controlled Substances

Q: What changes can be made to Schedule II Prescriptions?

A: After consulting with the prescribing practitioner (you must speak directly to the practitioner, not his/her agent), the pharmacist may modify or add the following:

  • date of issue – may be added but not changed;
  • patient’s address;
  • drug strength;
  • drug dosage form;
  • drug quantity – may be modified in conjunction with change in strength only, not to exceed the original total dosage prescribed; and
  • directions for use.

A pharmacist may never change the name of the drug (except to generic when appropriate), name of the patient, or the signature of the practitioner.

 Quantity and Time Limitations for Prescriptions: Narcotic (CII) prescriptions can only be filled for up to 30 days supply with NO refills. They must be filled within 30 days of being written by the doctor.

Controlled(CIII-V) prescriptions can be written for up to a 90 day supply, or 30 days supply with a maximum of 5 refills, for up to a 6 month supply. Controlled prescriptions expire 6 months after the written date.

Non-controlled prescription medications can be written for a 90 day supply, with a maximum of 3 refills, for a total of a one year supply. Prescriptions as well as any remaining refills expire 12 months after the written date.

Department Phone Numbers

Consultation: 466-0252/0254

Refills: 466-0570

Location Within Health Clinic

The pharmacy is located on the first floor of the clinic, between the Laboratory and Quarterdeck.

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