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The Food Safety Managers and Shipboard Pest Management are the most popular classes offered at NEPMU-2. We offer training to civilian and military personnel.  

NEPMU-2's education and training mission is to provide fleet and staff training, leadership, and management, to ensure that required professional certificates for occupational, environmental and preventive medicine professionals throughout the Navy and Marine Corps are met. We provide consultation services to subject matter experts (SMEs), coordinate course development and evaluation, provide VTT technical expertise, and coordinate staff development and training.

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Food Safety Managers
This course includes basic food microbiology, causes and prevention of food-borne illnesses, sanitary standards; health standards for food service personnel, food inspection and storage, and pest control.
Lab Identification of Malaria
Provide instruction in the performance of malaria laboratory testing, and species identification. Topics include collection of blood specimens, preparation of slices for staining, staining procedures, and interpretation of blood smears.
Shipboard Pest Management
Course includes: Responsibilities for pest control aboard Naval vessels; preparation for pesticide treatment, pesticide and safety, respiratory control program, biology, survey and control of cockroaches, stored products pests, rodents, bedbugs, lice, flies, and mosquitoes.
Navy Ship Sanitation Certificate Program
Provide instruction in the Navy Ship Sanitation Certificate Program, shipboard organization, and the knowledge and skillls to conduct Shipboard Sanitation Certification inspections and issue appropriate Ship Sanitation Certificates.

Credentialling Opportunities On-Line (U.S. Navy COOL program)
Find civilian credentials related to your rating, job, or occupation; Understand what it takes to obtain the credentials, and See if there are available programs that will help pay credentialing, including the examination, fees.

U.S. Navy ALL HANDS Call on the future of Career Progression initiatives
Great list of questions and answers regarding the future of several Career Progression initiatives for active duty officers and enlisted, include reservists.

U.S. Navy ALL HANDS Call on the future of Professional Development initiatives
Great list of questions and answers regarding the future of several Professional Development initiatives for active duty officers and enlisted, include reservists.

Training Commands
The portal main page to the 7 commands working within the mission of the Navy Education & Training Command: Human Performance Center, Naval Education & Training Professional Development Center, Naval Service Training Command, Naval Personnel Development Command, Chief of Naval Air Training, Naval War College, and Naval Postgraduate Scol.

Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC)
The Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC) contains information on all FORMAL courses of instruction throughout the Navy. Access to CANTRAC Volume II (Course description date and login) is restricted. CANTRAC Volume I is location listing of training facilities. Access granted only from government .mil computers through the Corporate Enterprise & Training Activity Resource System (CeTARS) with a CAC card log-in.

Gov Online Learning Center
A Government wide resource that supports development of the Federal workforce through simplified and one-stop access to high quality e-Training products and services. This site is designed as a virtual campus that houses free and for-fee e-training courses and performance support tools.

United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP)
A training system by which active duty service members can earn certification for skills learned through documented work experience (On-The-Job-Training) and related technical instruction. The USMAP allows for registered certification of the service member's military training and work experience to achieve recognition equal to his / her civilian counterpart.

Naval General Library Program
Learn the capabilities of this Program and how they support the Fleet, NATO & shore commands, & other military missions.

Human Performance Center
A newly established U.S. Navy Command designed to support the warfighter through the innovative application of the Human Performance Process and the Science of Learning. Monitor this site for the latest information regarding the impact Human Performance is having as part of the Navy's Revolution in Training. Check out links on the "Spider".

Navy Reserve Professional Development Center
The mission of NAVRESPRODEVCEN is to train Full Time Support and Drilling Reserve personnel in all areas of Naval Reserve Force activities, administration, and leadership. A total of 19 courses are available for reserve personnel to attend and are held at the Naval Support Activity, New Orleans, LA.


Enlisted to Officer programs allow enlisted sailors in the United States Navy to become an officer if they meet the criteria specified for a particular officer program. Competition is tough but these programs allow top-notch Sailors great access to becoming an Officer in the United States Navy. If you are interesting in one of these programs, you should first become familiar with the instructions that govern these programs.





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Email: Education and Training

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