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Medical Readiness


Branch Health Clinic Bangor

Medical Readiness Department

Medical readiness is an important part of the deployment process. In times of conflict it is important for all service members to stay ready for the tasks ahead. The MRRS department at NBHC Bangor is willing to assist individuals and commands in any way possible to make our service members ready for that call.

Medical readiness is not just being ready to deploy. The process is also a useful preventive medicine tool used also to recognize potentially troublesome conditions early to prevent them from developing into potentially life threatening problems later.

Medical Readiness is broken down into four categories:

Fully Medically Ready (Green)

The member has met all the requirements for vaccinations for their respective areas. Their annual Preventive Health Assessment and Dental Exam are up to date. Laboratory tests have been conducted and are current. All other readiness requirements for their specific command have been met.

Partially Medically Ready (Yellow)

The member has met the necessary annual requirements for their Preventive Health Assessment and Dental Exam. The member does require a laboratory test, vaccination or other minor requirements to be fully ready.

Not Medically Ready (Red)

The member may have met all the annual Preventive Health Assessment and Dental Exam requirements as well as the vaccinations, laboratory tests and all other minor requirements. The member is on Limited Duty due to injury or pregnancy or the member is Dental Class 3(requires a corrective procedure).

Medical Readiness Indeterminate (Gray)

The member has not met their annual requirement for the Preventive Health Assessment and/or the Dental Exam. All other vaccinations, laboratory tests and other minor requirements may be met.

Partially Medically Ready and Medical Readiness Indeterminate categories are correctable in a short period of time and will not interfere with the deployment status of the member. A member is not deployable if they are “Not Medically Ready” however, depending on the procedure, Dental Class 3 can be corrected in a short period of time. For further guidance on medical readiness, please contact your Command Readiness Liaison. If you are a Command Readiness Liaison and do not have a clinic point of contact please contact Overseas/ Sea Duty Screening at (360) 315-4352.

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