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2015-16 Influenza Information

2015-16 Influenza Information

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Naval Hospital Bremerton > 2015-16 Influenza Information

 Links to Military Influenza Websites

 TRICARE Flu Vaccine Information
 The Official DoD Watchboard for Seasonal Flu

 Links To Public Flu Information Sites (STAY INFORMED!)

 CDC's Flu Page
 US Health and Human Services Flu Page
 Kitsap County Public Health Page
 WA state, DOH, Flu Page



After the Vaccination Clinic is over, we will still offer both
1) injectable
2) intranasal flu vaccine for healthy patients between 2 years and 49 years of age, (while supplies last) at our Immunizations Clinic at the main hospital and at our Branch Clinics



The spread of flu can be signficantly reduced by following the 4 "C"s :

1)  Clean your hands frequently (using soap and water or hand sanitizer).

2)  Cover your cough (using your arm or tissue NOT your hand).

3)  Confine yourself to home if you are sick.

4)  Crowds should be avoided when Flu is in your community.
     (Decrease your risk by increasing your distance 3 feet or more from others).

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