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Health Promotions

Naval Hospital Bremerton
Health Promotions
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Contact Us

Naval Hospital Bremerton Contact Information
Mailing Address:                  
Naval Hospital Bremerton               
One Boone Rd.                     
Bremerton, WA 98315                     

Telephone:   1-800-422-1383                       
Commercial: (360) 475-4000                       

TRICARE Regional Appointment Center (TRAC):  1-800-404-4506
TriWest Healthcare Alliance Beneficiary Services:  1-888-874-9378                                   

After Hours Answering Service/Advice Line: 475-5700

Listed Below are Frequently Called Numbers.

Admissions/Birth Certificates                                                 475-4457
Burial-at-Sea                                                                         475-4313
Chaplin/Pastoral Care                                                            475-4795
Customer Relations                                                                475-4336
Exceptional Family Member                                                   475-4215
Health Benefits Advisor                                                          475-4651
Medical Records, Outpatient                                                  475-4403
Pass and ID                                                                           475-4377
Public Affairs Office                                                               475-4665
Red Cross                                                                              475-4341
Safe Harbor                                                                           475-4679
Terrace Dining Room                                                              475-4104
Victim/Witness Program                                                         475-5082

Emergency Medicine                                                              475-4286
Family Medicine                                                                     475-4379
Internal Medicine                                                                    475-4206
Laboratory                                                                              475-4260
Mental Health                                                                         475-4466
Multi-Service Nursing (MS-5) Inpatient Ward                         475-4471
Northwest Beginnings Family Birth Center                               475-4418
Pharmacy                                                                                475-4425
Pediatrics                                                                                475-4216
Radiology Department                                                            475-4220
Substance Abuse Rehabilitation program                                 475-5314


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