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All of these courses are taught by a Registered Dietitian (RD) and are held in the NHB Wellness Center Classroom. These are booked in the "Nutrition Clinic" when calling TRAC at (800) 404-4506. If you would like an appointment with a Dietitian after attending the Intro to Nutrition class, you will need a consult from your provider. If you are Active Duty on a weight management program, you do NOT need a consult.

Intro to Nutrition:
A Registered Dietitian provides an overview of skills and resources for healthy eating. Participants learn how to track food/beverage intake and physical activity online to assist in meeting goals and prepare for individual consultation with a dietitian.
When: First Friday of every month 1-3pm and 3rd Friday of every month 9-11am
Online Resources:  ChooseMyPlate.gov   SuperTracker   CDC BMI Calculator

Diabetes and Healthy Eating:
What foods/beverages have carbohydrates? How do they fit into a balanced diet? This class will help you balance your carbohydrate choices, recognize proper portions, and make those dreaded high blood sugars a thing of the past.
When: 2nd Thursday of every month from 2-4pm
Where: Class will be held in the back room of Terrace Dining Area.
Class Resources:  Getting Started
Online Resources:  USDA Resources

Prenatal Nutrition:
This class covers proper nutrition while pregnant, maintaining a healthy weight, and smart choices for both mom and baby.
When: First Wednesday of every month from 9-10am
Class Resources:  Nutrition Guide for Children
Online Resources:  MedlinePlus

Gestational Diabetes:
Healthy Eating Guidelines for gestational diabetes
When: Every Wednesday from 10-11am
Online Resources:  MedlinePlus: Gestational Diabetes

Bariatric Eating:
Registered dietitian provides nutritional guidelines for post surgical diet. Patients are referred to this class by the dietitian.
When: 2nd Friday of even months and 1-3pm on odd months
Online Resources:   MedlinePlus: Bariatric Eating



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