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Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi

Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi
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Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi
This is an image of the front entrance to Naval Health Clinc Corpus Christi.

 Welcome to Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi, Texas


As a valued beneficiary, your healthcare is top priority and we will do everything possible to make your visit with us pleasant and positive!

It is our intention to provide you and your family with prompt, courteous, and quality health care, and we will always treat you with respect, courtesy and compassion. If you believe that you are not getting outstanding health care, please see our Contacts page. Each department and clinic has a representative assigned to assist you in resolving your problems and addressing your concerns.

You may also contact the Customer Relations Officer at telephone number (361) 961-6121 or (361) 961-2616. If your concerns, relating to patient care and safety, are not resolved through the health clinic; you may contact the Joint Commission's Office of Quality Monitoring by calling (800) 994-6610.

Stay in touch with your Medical Homeport Provider! It's easy and secure anytime, anywhere, from any internet connection. All patients must enroll into Relay Health. You may even save yourself an office visit for your  non-urgent needs. No more talking to people other than your Medical Home Port Team about your private matters.

Communicate securely with your Medical Home Port Team. Don't delay, register now for your Relay Health account:

We have created the Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi Medical Homeport Tri-Fold  for your added convenience. It contains information that will assist and guide you in having the best experience possible during your visits. We eagerly look forward to serving you. 


For questions or concerns about the MHS Review findings click the link below:

Questions about MHS Review?


This is an image of a flashing new sign.    We Are Opening Our Doors to More Patients

More than 3,400 Coastal Bend area TRICARE Prime and Standard beneficiaries under the age of 63 and eligible to receive their health care at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF) were notified by mail this month of immediate enrollment opportunities at Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi and Naval Branch Health Clinic Kingsville.

The letters based on home proximity to the clinics were addressed to 1,054 Prime within a 30-minute drive; 1,882 Prime beyond a 30-minute drive; and 2,574 Standard, and were signed by Commanding Officer, Navy Capt. Jimmy A. Bradley, who credited the increased beneficiary capacity to staffing realignments and facility upgrades.

"The entire staff of Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi Health System is working hard to become your Military Treatment Facility (MTF) of choice and we have great news regarding your primary care," Bradley stated in his letter.  "Our clinic has transitioned to a proven Medical Home Port model where you are at the center of a collaborative team of caregivers, led by your Primary Care Manager (PCM).  This team of providers is standing by to meet your preventive, routine and urgent needs." 

TRICARE Prime is a managed care option available in prime service areas to ensure medical readiness of the active duty force by augmenting the capability and capacity of MTFs.  Active duty must enroll in Prime and pay nothing out-of-pocket.  All others can choose to enroll or use TRICARE Standard. 

TRICARE Standard is a fee-for-service plan available in the United States. Beneficiaries don't have to enroll-coverage is automatic as long as they are registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and show eligible for TRICARE.

The letters to beneficiaries within a 30-minute drive contained the name of the recipient's new Primary Care Manager (PCM) effective Sept. 10, 2014, and instructed them to make appointments by calling (361) 961-6000 or 1-877-NAVYMED.  After registering at they can securely email their PCMs via Medical Home Port Online (Relay Health).

"By having you enrolled to one of our MTFs and becoming part of our family, we - like all of Navy Medicine - are doing our part to optimize capabilities and improve value at all Naval MTFs across the U.S.," Bradley added. 

Beneficiaries beyond a 30-minute drive as well as the Standard beneficiaries have the option to enroll by completing a DD 2876 application online, submitting via U.S. mail, or calling (800) 444-5445. 

Health Benefits Advisors are standing by to help with any concerns, requests, or waiver questions.  Call (361) 961-2810 or email:


Hours: 0730 - 1630 Monday - Friday

The clinic is closed all federal holidays.

After Hours Access to Care:

*If you are in need of emergency care, please call 911 for immediate assistance.
*For non-emergency after-hours care, please contact the Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi Quarterdeck at (361) 961-2688


Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi
10651 E Street
Corpus Christi, Texas 78419

Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi Information Desk: (361) 961-2688
Appointment Line: 877-NAVYMED or 877-628-9633

For Staff:
NHCCC Emergency Information Hotline (361) 961-6010

This is an image of the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval which Naval Health Clinic has earned.

Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi
has earned the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval



Image of the Navy Surgeon Generals Health Promotion & Wellness Award

 This is an image of the Voluntary Protection Program Star Worksite award that Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi earned.



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