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Effective Feb. 1, 2016, some TRICARE prescription drug co-payments have changed. You may be paying more than you need to for a non-formulary medication when there are lower-cost, equally effective prescription drugs available that will reduce your out-of-pocket expense. Beneficiaries are encouraged to switch to Home Delivery for your pharmacy refills.  Visit for more information.

Home Delivery 

It is the most convenient and cost saving way to refill your prescription. Shipping is free for a 90 day supply of generic medication to any address in the U.S. or overseas duty stations. A 90-day supply of generic medication is FREE to you versus $10-24 co-pay for a 30-day supply from a retail pharmacy. Home delivery also provides automatic prescription refills so you don’t have to worry about last minute phone calls or dashes to the pharmacy.

·  A 90 day generic prescription supply through Home Delivery is FREE.

·  You can save $120 per year for each generic prescription and $48 per year for each brand prescription by switching to Home Delivery.

To switch to home delivery for your pharmacy refills, visit: or call 1-877-782-8731.


Naval Health Clinic Hawaii (NHCH) Pharmacy Phone Numbers and Hours:

Makalapa Clinic
 Phone:  808.473.1880, ext. 92229
 Hours: 0730-1730 (Mon-Fri) / Closed Sat, Sun and Federal Holidays

Kaneohe Bay Branch Health Clinic
 Phone:  808.257.3365, ext. 97107
 Hours: 0730-1700 (Mon-Fri) / Closed Sat, Sun and Federal Holidays

Refill Options:

Military Treatment Facility (MTF) pharmacies are your least expensive option for refills!  MTF refills are FREE to you.

You can have formulary (covered generic and brand medications) prescriptions filled (up to a 90-day supply for most medications) at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF) pharmacy FREE of charge.

NHCH offers several convenient ways to refill your prescriptions:

By Phone using the Oahu Consolidated Refill System
– one call takes care of it!  Just dial 808.433.6962 from a touch-tone phone to refill your prescription.  You will be connected with an interactive computer.  Please select one of the following seven (7) locations where you may pick-up a refill prescription.

Choose a location for pick-up:

1.  Tripler Army Medical Center Refill Pharmacy
2.   Schofield Barracks Pharmacy
3.   Makalapa Branch Health Clinic Refill Pharmacy
4.   Kaneohe Pharmacy
5.   Hickam Pharmacy
6.   Navy Exchange Refill Pharmacy (located upstairs at the NEX complex)
         NEX Refill Pharmacy Hours: T-Th (1000-1800)  F-Sat (1000-1400)
        *Note:  Closed for lunch 1400-1430*  Closed (Sun, Mon, and Federal Holidays)
7.  Warrior Ohana Medical Home Pharmacy:  94-1010 Shangrila St., Ste 100  (located at Kalaeloa, former NAS Barbers Point) 
        Hours:  0900-1630 Mon-Fri

-Press “1” to refill a prescription
-Enter the last 4 digits of the sponsor’s SSN and press the “#” sign.
-Enter the numerical portion of the prescription number and press the “#” sign
-Wait for confirmation
-Enter another refill request if necessary

Online refills, it’s secure, fast and free!

- Go to: 
 (by clicking on “Secure Login” on the top of the page) 
(login with your  DoD CAC, DFAS myPay credentials or DS Logon Premium-level 2)
 (if you do not have DS Logon credentials, click “Register”) 

- Click “Rx Refill” Option
  (this is located on the TRICARE Online homepage or  the top navigation bar)

- Confirm 
  (confirm your primary military treatment facility or select a different MTF from the dropdown box)

- Choose a Pharmacy
  (select your prescriptions to fill, choose a pharmacy pick-up location and click “Submit” to request)

- Request  Refills for Family Members
  (by selecting “Request Refill by Rx Number” option. Enter up to six Rx numbers)
  (choose Pharmacy pick-up location and submit your refill request) 

Refilled prescriptions are maintained on the shelf for 10 days after filling.  After 10 days the prescriptions will be returned to stock and you will need to reorder them.          

Prescriptions called into Makalapa or Kaneohe Bay pharmacies by 1500 during the work week, will be ready by 1000 the following day.  Refills requested Sat, Sun, and Federal Holidays will be ready by 1000 on the second work day. 

To pick-up a family member’s (over the age of 18) medications, you must have his/her written consent or their military ID card. (download form)

Pharmacy Location




1.  Tripler Army Medical Center

Mon-Sat: 0800-1930 Sat: 0800-1600
Sun, Fed Holidays: Closed

New Prescriptions
Pick-up Refills


2.  Schofield Barracks Health Clinic

Mon-Fri: 0800-1900

Sat, Sun, Fed Holidays: 0800-1600 (closed 30 mins for lunch)
Closed: Thanksgiving and Christmas
Refill Pharmacy Hours:
Mon-Fri: 0830-1700 (closed 1230-1330 for lunch)
Sat, Sun, Fed Holidays: Closed

New Prescriptions
Pick-up Refills


3.  Makalapa Branch Health Clinic

Mon-Fri: 0730-1730
Closed: Sat, Sun, and Fed Holidays

New Prescriptions
Pick-up Refills

808.473.1880, ext. 2229

4.  Kaneohe Bay Branch Health Clinic

Mon-Fri: 0730-1700
Closed: Sat, Sun and Fed Holidays

New Prescriptions
Pick-up Refills

808.257.3365, ext.  7107

5.  Hickam Clinic

Mon-Fri: 0730-1630
3rd Thu of each month:  Closed
Sat, Sun, Fed Holidays: Closed

New Prescriptions
Pick-up Refills


6.  Navy Exchange Refill Pharmacy (NEX)

Tue-Thu: 1000-1800, (Closed for lunch 1400-1430)  
Fri-Sat: 1000-1400
Closed: Sun, Mon, Fed Holidays

REFILL PHARMACY  Drop-off service for handwritten prescriptions on the formulary from civilian physicians


7.  Warrior Ohana Medical Home

Mon-Fri: 0900-1630 (Closed for lunch 1220-1320)
Sat, Sun, Fed Holidays:  Closed

New Prescriptions
Pick-up Refills



Drug Take Back Program
NHCH offers beneficiaries special mail-in envelopes to safely and easily dispose of expired and unused prescription and over-the-counter medications.  View flier for information.

Retail (Network):
At non-network pharmacies, you will pay full price for your medication and have to file a claim for reimbursement. Reimbursements are subject to deductible or out-of-network cost-shares and TRICARE-required copayments.  All deductibles must be met before any reimbursement can be made.  Another reason to use Home Delivery or MTF pharmacies.

You can review your prescription-drug alternatives by using the formulary search tool at

Be sure to discuss your prescription options with your doctor to determine if one of these lower-cost medications can work for you.

Type of Pharmacy

Formulary Drugs

Non-formulary Drugs

Military Pharmacy
(up to a 90-day supply)


Not Applicable

Home Delivery
(up to a 90-day supply)

Generic: $0
Brand Name: $20

$49 (unless you establish medical necessity)

Retail Network
(up to a 30-day supply)

Generic: $10
Brand Name: $24

$50 (unless you establish medical necessity)

(up to a 30-day supply)

Prime Beneficiaries:
50% cost share after point of service deductible has been met.  

All Others:
$24 or 20% of the total cost, whichever is greater, after the annual deductible is met

Prime Beneficiaries:
50% cost share after point of service deductible has been met.  

All Others:
$50 or 20% of the total cost, whichever is greater, after the annual deductible is met




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