Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune
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MCAS New River BMC

Clinic Phone Numbers: 449-6500
x 280 for AER
x 201 for Dental

M, T, W & F 0700-1630 HOURS OF OPERATION:
Thursdays 0700-1300

Sick Call
Check in 0700-0900

  • Sick Call will be held M-F in the clinic from 0700-0900 Monday through Friday. The patient may then be seen by the next available doctor, slated for a same day appointment from 0940-1100, or referred to their unit physician. Those given appointments are free to return to their commands until the appointment time.
  • Patients arriving outside of sick call check in hours will be seen for urgent or emergency care issues only.
  • Minor Procedures are performed on a case by case basis every afternoon from 1300-1530 after the member has been evaluated. Wart Clinic is held every Wednesday afternoon from 1300 – 1530, no appointment is required.

Aviation Medicine
Call 449-6500 ext 280 for appointments

  • Birth Month Recall (PHA’s) Call the month before your birth month. Call ext. 294
  • Flight Physicals - Call two months before your birth month. (The schedule for each month will be opened on the 23rd of the previous month or next business day)
  • Separation: Call within 90 days of EAS but no less than one month before EAS.
  • Initial Flight Physicals will not be scheduled unless the member has completed their flight swim qualifications at Cherry Point or other facility. To be eligible to participate in swim qualifications a screening is required.(See Screenings below)


  • Screenings are by appt only. You must have a current PHA. Check out medical record at front desk prior.
  • Audiograms are performed M, T, W, F from 0800-1130 and 1300-1500. No appointment is required.
  • Referral management. If it is determined by your Healthcare Provider that you need a referral, the Provider will place a consultation into the referral management system. The majority of consultations will take a minimum of 48 hours to be processed. To schedule the referral appointment, call Referral Management at 450-HELP Option 3, or emailing them at

For TRICARE questions, TRICARE Claims, TRICARE Benefits and Network Physician information, call our TRICARE Contractor, HealthNet Federal Services on 1-877-874-2273 or find them on the web at