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The main scope of the Medical Records Division is to provide an array of support services to our beneficiaries. Services provided include: Registration, Medical Records Copy Requests, Transmittals (between medical facilities), and Release of Medical Information. Our commitment is to ensure that each service member and their families are provided with prompt and courteous service at all times.


HOURS OF OPERATION: ​ ​0700–1600 Monday - Friday
PHONE:​ ​703-784-1548
FAX: ​ ​703-784-1533
3259 CATLIN AVE QUANTICO VA 22134 5109

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New Check-In

All new patients checking-in must enroll in TRICARE prior to being registered at medical records. Enrolling in TRICARE assigns the patient a primary care manager (PCM) at one of the NHCQ clinics or a local facility.
For more information contact TRICARE North Region directly at 1-877-874-2273 or visit <>
Registering with medical records and updating your personal information ensures access to care and proper maintenance of medical records.
All new patients must be registered with medical records before they can schedule an appointment or receive prescriptions at the pharmacy. As a Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting Systems (DEERS) check must be performed in order to establish eligibility. Registrations cannot be performed over the phone other than newborns.

Birth certificates

To obtain a copy of your birth certificate contact the Virginia Office of Vital Records at (804) 662 – 6200 or visit <>

Closed Records System

As of may 2011, NHC Quantico has implement DoD Instruction 6040.43 restricting patients from hand carrying medical records. As indicated in DODINST 6040.43, all beneficiary medical records are property of the department of defense and must remain in the custody of Naval Health Clinic Quantico for the duration of your care. This ensures providers can evaluate, plan for care, file documentation, and communicate with other healthcare professionals who contribute to your care. If the medical record is kept at home, it will not be available for review before a scheduled appointment or if emergency documentation is needed, thus jeopardizing quality of care.

What does “closed records” mean?

The DODINST 6040.43, orders the custody and control of medical records at all Department of Defense (DoD) military treatment facilities (MTFs), commonly referred to as a closed medical records system. All beneficiary medical records are the property of the department of defense and their maintenance and availability at MTFs is key to appropriate medical care and legal and administrative proceedings.

Benefits of the closed records system:

  • • All medical records are maintained in one secure area to safeguard and protect your medical information.
  • • There is no need to pick up the medical record prior to an appointment; medical record is already with the provider for your appointment.
  • • The provider is able to review your medical history prior to your appointment.
  • • In the event of an emergency, your primary care provider has access to the complete medical record.
  • • The medical records division can ensure that all loose documents are filed in the medical record.
  • • All military treatment facilities share the armed forces longitudinal technology application (AHLTA), and have access to all your electronic health records.
  • • Copies of the medical record may be provided to you for appointments at other medical facilities.
  • • You may request a personal copy of your medical record, free of charge. (see Request for Copy of Medical Record)

Exceptions to the No Hand-Carry Policy:

Per BUMEDNOTE 6150, January 7, 2013, for services members to hand-carry their medical records they must present a copy of their orders and complete and sign a NAVMED 6150/8, Outpatient Record Release Request and Transfer Receipt. Exceptions to hand-carry the paper record is granted for:
  • • Service members traveling overseas on permanent change of station.
  • • Service members assigned to an operational or shipboard command.
  • • Service members transferring to a remote duty station.
  • • Service members performing temporary duty (TAD).
  • • Service members in voluntary and selective reserves status.
  • • Service members retiring / separating from the military.


Marine Corps service members retiring and separating from the military are required to turn their Service Treatment Records (STR, medical and dental records) into the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) and or admin separations clerk for their unit.
Navy service members STR’s will remain at the NHC Quantico when separating or retiring. The medical records department will forward them to the proper location for separations or retirement.
NHC Quantico medical records division can provide you and your dependents with (1) free copy of your medical record, please see Request for Copy of Medical Record.

National Personnel Records Center (NPRC):

After two years of inactivity (not being treated at a military treatment facility) medical records are shipped to the NPRC to be retired (archived). Copies may be requested directly by you from the NPRC. For more information you may contact NPRC directly at 314-801-0800 or visit <>

Transitioning Duty Stations (PCS/Moving):

Upon permanent change of station (PCS) check – out, the medical record will be mailed to the main military treatment facility on the installation stated on the PCS orders.
If possible please provide the exact PCS location or the Gaining Unit.
In order to facilitate this, the medical records division requests you bring a copy of your orders (or web orders) when you come to check out.
All records are shipped USPS certified mail and are generally delivered within five (5) business days after shipment, when shipped in the continental United States (CONUS).
When reporting to a base with battalion aid stations (BAS) or regimental aid stations (RAS) please contact the main hospital on the installation regarding your records prior to contacting NHC Quantico.

Request for Copy of Medical Records:

The medical records division will provide you with one (1) free copy of the medical record. Additional copies are available with a copy charge of $13.15 processing fee per half hour + $0.13 per page.
All copy requests must be made in person or by fax. Please allow 30 days after submission of the request for this service. Click here for "Authorization for Disclosure of Medical and Dental Information" Form.
Behavior Health records may only be release with the behavior health providers authorization. You may request a copy of your Behavior Health Records through the Medical Records division, by completing a NHCQ Behavior Health AHLTA Authorization form.
Requestors can pick up copy of medical records in person (paper or disk) or receive it via AMRDEC SAFE.

Release of Medical Records:

Civilian providers may fax release forms to 703-784-1533. Military treatment facilities may fax/mail requests (DD877) forms.
To request records from a previous civilian provider please visit medical records to complete an authorization for disclosure medical/ dental information form (DD2870) and have a valid phone and fax number of your previous provider.
To request records from a previous military treatment facility please visit medical records to complete a request for medical/dental records or information form (DD877) and have the name of the treatment facility.

Medical Records Online:

Schedule appointments, view prescription information and access personal health data online at TRICARE online and Relay Health.  To register, please visit <> and <>.
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