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Our Pharmacy personnel are trained professionals whose focus is providing you timely and courteous service, while meeting the highest standards of care.  We work with your physician to make sure you are receiving the correct medication treatment for your specific health condition(s). Your prescription(s) is/are checked by our computer system and staff to insure that all of your medications are properly filled, labeled and free of significant drug interactions. For your safety, always read the instruction label and any precautionary labels on your medication bottle before taking the first dose.  Please let us know if you are breast feeding or pregnant, taking herbals, taking over-the-counter medications and if you are experiencing any side effects with your medications. Our goal is to keep you healthy and confident about taking your medications.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us because we are here to help.

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TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery:

It's Easy to Get Started
  • •Online:
    •Mail: Fill out the Mail Order Registration Form and then mail the form and your 90-day prescription to the address listed on the form.
    •Phone: Call 877.363.1296 and have your prescription bottle handy.
  • We recommend having a 30-day supply of medication on hand while your first order is processed.

Pharmacy Hours:

Monday-Friday  0700-1800
** Drive Thru Window closed Thursday from 1300-1400 due to training with limited services inside. Please Utilize the 2 hour drop off option**
Closed Weekends & Holidays
**The Pharmacy has peak business hours from 1030 to 1500 daily. Please plan your visit around these times as it may reduce you waiting time. **

Check –In Process Notice:

**As per MANMED Chapter 21 Section 15: "Individuals receiving medications for beneficiaries other than themselves or their minor children should provide reasonable proof of patient consent (e.g., authorization letter and front and back photocopy of patient's ID) for the release of medical information and prescriptions."
**All refills renewed by your physician are considered new prescriptions and will not be ready until you present to the Pharmacy for processing. **
*Written Prescriptions may be placed in the Pharmacy Drop Box located in the pharmacy lobby next to Window 4 and may be picked up within 1 to 2 business days.  Please use the provided envelope.  DO NOT place Narcotics, Antibiotics, or any other prescriptions you need to take right away. **
*Civilian prescriptions dropped off after 1730 will be processed at 0700 the following workday.  Please allow 2 hours for processing. **


Our Pharmacy Department has goals!!!

Help US……Help You
Please let us know if you have waited OVER:
10  Minutes for your ticket to be called to Check-In
30 Minutes for your prescriptions to be dispensed

Refill Options:

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center fills all of NHC Quantico’s refills.  The call in system is computerized and visually impaired customers will find this system very helpful in placing their refill orders. Please allow 3-4 business days for refills to be processed and sent to Quantico.
à Refill request by phone:  1- (800) 377-1723
1. Follow directions from the automated system.
  • • Press 1 [for pick up at a Navy facility]
  • • Press 3 [for facilities in Virginia]
  • • Press 3 [for pick up at Quantico]
  • • Press 1 [ to refill or inquire about a prescription]
  • • Enter the last 4 digits of the sponsors social security number then press the  # [pound sign]
  • • Enter the 7 digit prescription number then press the # [pound sign]
  • • Press 1 [to refill the prescription]
  • • Before ending your call please listen for your pick up date & how many refills are remaining.
àRefill request via internet:
  • • Select prescription option
    • Enter the last 4 digits of the sponsors social security number
    • Enter the 7 digit prescription number
    • Select Pharmacy location
    • Then click “Send this Request”
à If you are having problems with the automated or online refill system please call 1 (703) 784-1580 for assistance.
**Phoned In or Internet refills may be picked up through the convenient Drive Thru window.
**Drive-Thru Working Hours**
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 0700-1800
Thursday 0700-1300 & 1400-1800
**All called in refills must be picked up within 14 days**

Prescription Drop Off Box

**Written Prescriptions may be placed in the Pharmacy Drop Box located in the pharmacy lobby next to Window 4 and may be picked up within 1 to 2 business days.  This service provides a convenient option to beneficiaries to drop off prescriptions and pick them up at a later time.**
Step 1: Please complete the following form:
           White Prescription questionnaire envelope
Step 2: Place the prescription(s) with the exception of narcotics, controlled and antibiotics in the envelope and drop the
            envelope in the box or the drive-thru window.
Step 3: After 1-2 business days, pick up your medications at the drive-thru window.
**Drive-Thru Working Hours**
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 0700-1800
Thursday 0700-1300 & 1400-1800
**All dropped off prescriptions must be picked up within 14 days**

Medication Disposal:

Unfortunately, the Pharmacy Department is unable to take back medications once they are dispensed to the patient. 
Please use this link for medication disposal information:

Formulary Links:

Tricare Formulary Search Link:
National Capital Area Formulary Link:

MTF Locator:

Tricare Website:
Contact Information:
For general pharmacy questions: 1 (703) 784-1580.
Pharmacist: 1 (703) 784-1637 (Transfers & Drug Counseling)
Clinic Help Desk: 1 (703) 784 1515
Refill Line: 1-800-377-1723.

Mailing Address

Pharmacy Department
Naval Health Clinic Quantico
BLDG 3259 Catlin Ave
Quantico, VA 22134-6050
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