Commanding Officer's Philosophy

Naval Hospital Lemoore exists to support the Chief of Naval Operation tenets of Warfighting First, Operate Forward and Be Ready; and the Navy Surgeon General’s priorities of Readiness, Value and Jointness.
My command philosophy is intended to provide guidance and highlight major expectations of all staff members at every location.
  • NAVY CORE VALUES: Honor, Courage, and Commitment are our foundation. We will honor our Naval traditions and customs, and adhere to regulations.
  • SHIP (mission), SHIPMATE (looking out for each other), and SELF (taking care of ourselves) are our guiding principles.
  • MUTUAL RESPECT of differences will occur across our entire team: officer, enlisted, federal civilians, contract employees, volunteers and students.
  • POSITIVE ENGAGEMENT in support of our mission and each other will occur. Every team member must arrive each day with a positive, compassionate attitude, and take an active role in mentoring their peers and subordinates.
Everyone is expected to bring forward ideas, issues, and suggested solutions as we nurture an environment of trust.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

People First, Excellence Always & Character Counts.

Our Vision

To be the trusted providers in caring for our beneficiaries and advancing health through leveraged partnerships and technology.