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1. The philosophy of Naval Hospital Oak Harbor can be summed up in two words:  "We Care."  Specifically:
  • We care about Our Patients. We treat our patients with courtesy and compassion, and ensure they have a safe environment to receive care. We take the time to listen, and we use evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.
  • We care about Each Other. We care by helping and encouraging each other, respecting and valuing our differences and treating everyone with fairness and respect. We know that in diversity there is strength. We intervene when one of our shipmates, or anyone else, is taking a path that could harm themselves or others.
  • We care about Ourselves. We have a culture of fitness and take personal responsibility for our fitness. We eat healthy, get enough sleep, and if we are 21 or older and choose to drink, we use alcohol responsibly. We reject illicit drug use. We seek help for medical and psychological issues when needed, and we constantly seek to improve ourselves with education, exercise, and supportive personal relationships.
  • We care about our Family and Friends. We value the love and support our families and friends provide. When not on duty, we leave at a reasonable hour to spend time with them. We provide extra support to the families of those who are deployed. We do not tolerate abuse.
  • We care about our Community. Whether it is by voting, volunteering, or taking part in other activities, we serve as positive role models, and we are active participants in building the strength of our community.
  • We care about our Resources. We use our resources wisely and efficiently. We measure what we do, and seek to improve based on the data we collect. We recognize and reward outstanding performance and good ideas.

When we care about our patients, each other, ourselves, our families and friends, our community, and our resources, we act with honor, courage, and commitment, and we ensure we complete the mission. Our goal is to make Naval Hospital Oak Harbor better every day. As one team, we will work hard, but we will also have fun, and together we will strive to be the very best command in Navy Medicine.


F. J. McDonald
Captain, Medical Corps
United States Navy

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