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Staying in touch with your provider just got easier: anytime, anywhere, from any Internet connection. It’s easy and secure. For your non-urgent needs, you may even save yourself an office visit. No more waiting on-hold for appointments or medication refills. No more talking to people other than your doctor about private matters.

With Medical Home Port an entire team is responsible for your healthcare. In addition to your Primary Care Manager (PCM), a Registered Nurse, a Licensed Practical Nurse, a Corpsman/Medical Assistant, and a Medical Clerk will partner with you to develop a closer relationship with your PCM Team.  To improve access to your team for non urgent issues, sign up for on-line e-mail communication with your provider.  Click on the Register Now link on the right side of this page to sign up.  If you wish to speak to a Medical Home Team Representative, every effort will be made to contact you the same day or within 72 hours for non urgent issues.  After hours, call our Information line at 257-9500, select option #7. After hours this option will connect you with an answering service that will deliver a message to your PCM.