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Closed Medical Records

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The Closed Medical Record System

“What is a Closed Medical Record System”?
A “Closed Medical Record System” is a system that requires Naval Hospital to maintain positive charge of our beneficiaries’ medical records at all times. This means that your medical records will never leave the custody of the hospital while you are enrolled. This will significantly reduce the possibility of it being lost and ensuring record availability when needed.

“Why can't I keep my medical record”?
The staff at Naval Hospital Okinawa Japan wants to ensure that your medical record is always complete for your safety and continuity of care. Medical records are the property of the U.S. Government and must be maintained at a military treatment facility. It is needed to ensure that current information such as lab reports, radiology results, medications and treatment plans are recorded in your file. Ensure medical readiness for Active Duty Members. Data in your medical record provides information to healthcare providers/practitioners for quality assurance; for evaluation and improvement of treatment methods; and for development of patient care criteria and enhanced care.

“What happens when I come for an appointment at the Naval Hospital or Clinics”?
Maintenance of your medical record at Naval Hospital allows our medical record staff to pre-deliver the record to your scheduled appointment and pick it up afterwards. This process allows your provider to have the opportunity to review your medical history before your arrival. It also eliminates the need for you to pick-up and return your medical record after the appointment.

“How do I request a copy of my Medical Record”?
We understand how important your medical record is to you and we are happy to provide a copy of medical documentation upon request. You will need to come to the Outpatient Records Office and complete a “Record Copy Request” form. At that time you will be informed when the copy will be ready to pick-up, which is usually two weeks from the date your request is submitted.

We appreciate your understanding regarding this new policy change and hope we will meet all your medical records needs in the future. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your medical record, please contact the Outpatient Records Office, Naval Hospital Okinawa Japan at DSN 643-7820-7701 or Commercial: 011-81-611-743-7820-7701 (click here for more dialing instructions), or visit our office on the 1st Floor, East Wing.

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