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Medical Records

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Medical Records

Outpatient Medical Records

Phone: 646-7689
Calling from off-base or cell phone: 098-971-7689.
Fax: 646-7407
Dialing Instructions
Hours: 0730-1600 Mon-Fri Location: 1st floor, Naval Hospital, Camp Foster

As mandated by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, effective 01 May 2003, the Naval Hospital Okinawa Japan has implemented a “Closed Medical Record System".

For more information on the Closed Medical Record System, click here.

Active duty records are maintained at the clinic that runs sick call for the service member's unit. Beneficiaries  retirees and civilian government workers' records are maintained at the facility that provides primary outpatient care to the individual.

Branch Medical Clinics
Outpatient Records

Bush Family Medicine Clinic (Courtney) 622-7632, calling from off-base: 098-954-7632
Hours: 0730-1630 Mon-Fri
Battalion Aid Station 622-7632, calling from off-base: 098-954-7632
Hours: 0800-1600 Mon-Fri

Evans Family Medicine Clinic (Camp Foster) 645-7375, calling from off-base: 098-970-7375
Hours: 0730-1630 Mon-Fri

Kinser Family Medicine Clinic 637-3995/ 1723, Calling from off-base: Dial the operator number - 098-911-5111 and then 637-3995/1723.
Hours: 0730-1630 Mon-Fri (Family Practice)
Active Duty 637-1250/ 1881, Calling from off-base: Dial the operator number - 098-911-5111 and then 637-1250/1881.
Hours: 0730-1630 Mon-Fri

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your medical record, please contact the Naval Hospital Outpatient Records Office, at DSN 646-7689 (calling from off-base: Dial the operator number - 098-911-5111 and then 646-7689) or Commercial: 01181-98-971-7689. Email: or visit our office on the 1st Floor, East Wing.

Inpatient Medical Records

The Inpatient Record Division maintains treatment records of patients who have been inpatients at U. S. Naval Hospital Okinawa. Records are maintained for a period of three years. After 3 years, the records are forwarded to the National Personnel Records Center, 9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63132. If you need a copy of this record, you may forward your request directly by completing form DD Form 877-1 and forwarding it to the above address. If you need a copy of your inpatient chart and it has been less than three years since your inpatient stay, please complete a DD Form 877, “Request for Medical/Dental Records or Information" form and forward it to U. S. Naval Hospital Okinawa at the address below. If you wish to have your records forwarded to someone other than yourself or a specific facility, please place the following statement in block #9 of form DD Form 877:

“I hereby authorize the U. S. Naval Hospital Outpatient Records, Camp Lester, Japan, to release my outpatient health record/information to: <insert name and address for the records to be sent to>"

Forward the request to:

US Naval Hospital Okinawa
Patient Administration Department
PSC 482
FPO AP 96362-1600

For more information, contact the Patient Administration Department by calling DSN: 646-7405 (Commercial: 01181-98-971-7405), sending an email to or by visiting their office at the U.S. Naval Hospital, Camp Foster, on the 1st Floor.

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