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Red Cross

Armed Services Blood Bank Center

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Can't find the number you're looking for?  Call our information desk (open 24 hours a day) at 646-7555. Dialing Instructions

Red Cross

American Red Cross Services are available 24 hours a day by contacting the main Red Cross office at 645-3800 (Camp Foster).  Calling from off-base: 098-970-3800.  Dialing Instructions

Red Cross supports and supplements the activities for the Armed Forces that affect health, welfare and morale of the service personnel and their family members. It acts as a medium of voluntary relief and communication between the American people and the military. They offer courses in CPR, first aid, Babysitting, Lifeguarding, and Learn to Swim . The Red Cross is supported by donations and participates in the Combined Federal Campaign.

Since the Red Cross does operate on a volunteer basis, volunteers are always needed for the hospital, outlying clinics, schools, and other areas. For more information, please call 645-3800 (calling from off-base: 098-970-3800).

Anyone interested in volunteering at the U. S. Naval hospital needs to attend either the Kadena or the Foster Red Cross orientation. You must be at least 14 years old to volunteer. Volunteer opportunities for youth are administrative.

The U. S. Naval Hospital Red Cross program requirements for volunteers:

  • Attend U. S. Naval Hospital orientation. Please call 645-3800 to register for orientation.  Please bring all credentials material, certifications (when applicable) and shot records to orientation.
  • Make a medical appointment with Occupational Health (646-7485, Calling from off-base or cell phone: 098-971-7485) for a physical and to make sure your shot records are up to date.
  • CPR certification is required when performing direct patient care. This can be obtained at either the Kadena or Foster Red Cross office.
Continuous Volunteer Opportunities at the Hospital
Work Center Position
Emergency Room Health Professionals
Evans/Futenma Clinics LPNs and RNs
Family Medicine (Bush Clinic) Admin and Health Professionals
General Surgery Medical Assistants, EMTs, Vital Signs (Female)
Health Promotion Admin and Health Professionals
Inpatient Mental Health RNs and Techs
Intensive Care Unit RNs, LPNs (Experienced)
Mother Infant Care Center Admin and RNs
Multi Service Ward RNs
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Admin and RNs
Obstetrics/Gynecology Lacation Consultant, RNs
Operating Room Admin and Health Professionals
Operations Management Front Desk Greeter, Clerical
Orthopedics/Podiatry Admin, Medical Assistants
Patient Administration Admin and Health Professionals
Pediatric All Health Professionals
Pharmacy Techs and Clerks
Physical/Occupational Techs and Clerks
Pulmonary/Respiratory Admin and Health Professionals
Quality Management Admin
Sports Medicine (Camp Hansen) Admin and Health Professionals
Supply Supply Assistant
Tricare Clerical

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