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CT Scan Instructions

Armed Services Blood Bank Center

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Radiology Department
CT Scan Instructions

Contrast Instructions for READI-CAT
Abdomen-Pelvis Exam

  1. Do not eat or drink after midnight
  2. First bottle- start drinking the 1st bottle of contrast 2 hours prior to your appointment.
  3. Second bottle- drink ½ of the 2nd bottle of contrast 1 hour prior to your appointment. Drink the last ½ of the second bottle 30 minutes prior to your examination.
  4. Report to CT Scan 15 minutes prior to your appointment time scheduled.
  5. As soon as we put you on the CT scanner another (smaller) cup of contrast will be given to you.

Contrast Instructions for GASTROGRAFIN
Abdomen-Pelvis Exam

  1. 1-½ hours before your scheduled appointment please fill cup to 840cc of cold water and add 20cc of gastrografin.
    *** Take this contrast over a period of 30 minutes, DO NOT take all at once ***
  2. Take a break for 15-20minutes
  3. Repeat seep #1 with the remaining contrast given.
  4. Report to CT Scan 15 minutes prior to your appointment time scheduled.

Instructions for CT CHEST, HEAD, NECK w/ CONTRAST

  • Nothing to east or drink 4 hours prior to your appointment.


  1. If you are unable to keep the appointment or have a question please call 646-7444. Dialing Instructions
  2. If there is a possibility that you can be pregnant please let the technician know.
  3. All patients 40 years old and over need to have a LAB test (BUN and Creatine) drawn prior to receiving intravenous (IV) contrast.

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