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Dependent Parent and Parent-in-Law

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Dependent Parent/Parent-In-Law

Dependent Parent and Parent-in-Law (DP/DPIL) are entitled to care in any Military Treatment Facility (MTF), and will be seen on a space available basis.  Military sponsors with DPs/DPILs must understand that when the MTF cannot provide the necessary care, the DPs/DPILs may be referred to a civilian facility.  DPs/DPILs are NOT eligible for TRICARE benefits; therefore payment of the bill will be the SPONSOR’S responsibility.  It is important to note that Medicare does NOT provide payment for medical service rendered overseas.   

There are several things to consider when deciding whether to bring your dependent parent or parent-in-law to Japan:

 There may be significant financial implications for the active duty military sponsor

  • The health of your dependant parent or parent-in-law
  • Whether your DP/DPIL have other Health Insurance that provides coverage overseas
  • Your ability to pay for medical care in a civilian facility if necessary
  • Research your other options

The Reality Is:

  • Health care costs in Japan can be extremely costly.  There are currently several Active Duty sponsors with debts in excess of $50,000.

  • The Active Duty Sponsor is 100% responsible for the payment of any civilian costs for care.

  •   Payment of this cost could take years.  Failure to pay could have a very negative impact on your career. 

Only you can make the decision on whether you should bring your DP/DPIL to Japan. 

For additional information call your local TRICARE Service Center
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Lester 643-7539

Kadena 630-4515

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