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  • Harnessing the Power of Big Data for Medical Informatics21-Jul-2016
    “Big data” is a popular buzz phrase these days—a term used to describe large volumes of data that can be mined and analyzed for information and insights. The term “big data” may be new, but the concept isn’t, and at the Naval Health Research Center (NHRC), we’ve being doing a lot with big data for over 35 years.
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  • Thinking Outside the Clinic: Researching Novel Approaches to Improving Psychological Health18-Jul-2016
    SAN DIEGO - When it comes to finding new ways to treat familiar illnesses and injuries, military medicine has always been on the frontline of the fight. This holds true whether the illness or injury is physical or psychological. Navy Medicine researchers are leading the charge to think beyond traditional treatments and explore innovative approaches for improving the mental health, well-being, and readiness of our service members.
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  • The Research Behind PTSD Treatments06-Jul-2016
    PTSD can develop in service members, civilians, or veterans as a result of a traumatic event such as an accident, physical or sexual abuse, or exposure to combat. Based on research, we know that people with PTSD often experience distress and problems at work, with loved ones, and in completing daily tasks; they also are at increased risk of having other conditions, such as depression or substance use problems, which further complicate their lives. However, not everyone who experiences a traumatic event will develop PTSD....
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