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The WBGT only operates from 1 May - 30 Sept of each year.

To alert Combat Center members of hazardous heat conditions, the following flags are flown to indicate readings and control physical activity:

Green Flag – WBGT Index Temperatures range from 80-84.9 – Unrestricted physical activity may be carried out.

Yellow Flag – WBGT Index Temperatures range from 85-87.9 – Physical activity should be limited to those people who have been exercising in similar heat for a minimum of 10 days or more.

Red Flag  WBGT Index Temperatures range from 88-89.9 – Physical activity is advised only for members who have been working out in similar heat conditions for a period of 12 weeks for more.

Black Flag – WBGT Index Temperatures range 90 and above – Vigorous outdoor exercise, regardless of conditioning or heat acclimatization, is not advisable.

 Current Flag Condition

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