Fact sheet for Deers Registration

Updated October 20, 2006
Newborn, Adoptees and Pre-Adoptees: DEERS Registration and Prime Enrollment

It’s important to register newborns and adoptees in DEERS to establish TRICARE eligibility for essential well- baby and pediatric health care. By registering your . newborn or adopted child in DEEPS, you may avoid potential claims problems.

When Does TRICARE Cover Legitimate Newborns, Adoptees and Pre-Adoptive Children?
As long as another family member is enrolled in Prime, TRICARE Prime covers the following:
  • Newborns for 60 days beginning from the date of birth
  • Adopted children for 60 days beginning from the effective date of the actual adoption
  • and Pre-adoptive children for 60 days beginning on the date of placement of the court or approved adoption agency

To give parents overseas sufficient time to meet all TRICARE overseas eligibility requirements for newborns, the enrollment period for TRICARE Overseas Program Prime is 120 days.

To continue Prime coverage past the first 60 days, you must enroll your newborn or adoptee in either TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Prime Remote for Active Duty Family Members (TPRADFM) within the 60 day window. On the Gist day and alter, if your child isnt enrolled in Prime or TPRADFM, TRICARE processes all future claims under Standard (higher costs) until you enroll them in Prime or TPRADFM. Your child loses all TRICARE eligibility 365 days after birth or adoption unless they are registered in DEERS.

How to Establish TRICARE Eligibility for Legitimate Newborns, Adoptees and Pre-Adoptive Children
To establish a newly-born, adopted or pre-adoptive child’s TRICARE eligibility in DEERS, you must submit the following to your uniformed services personnel office:
  • An original or certified-copy of a birth certificate or certificate of live birth (signed by the attending physician or other responsible person from a U.S. hospital or military treatment facility), or consular report of birth ( P5-240) for children overseas, which you may find at www.usbirthcertificate.net/fs240.html
  • A record of adoption or a letter of placement of the child into the home by a recognized placement/adoption agency or the court before the final adoption
  • ADD Form 1172 signed by the sponsor and verifying official from a uniformed services ID card facility. If a sponsor can’t sign the DO Form 1172 in person at an ID card facility, then a notarized copy of the form is required. The spouse must submit presentation of a power of attorney for DEERS enrollment if the sponsor didn’t sign the DD Form 1172.

If the sponsor has not legally established the childrens relationship, the parent should contact the nearest uniformed services personnel office for help determining DEERS eligibility.

Its important for you to apply for your child’s social security number by visiting the Social Security Administration Web site, www.ssa.gov orby calling (800)772-1213. Once you receive your child’s social security number, be sure to go to your nearest identification (ID) card-issuing lidiity to update their USERS information.

For more information on newborn or adoptee DEERS registration, you may contact or visit your military personnel office, uniformed service ID card-issuing facility, or call the Defense Manpower Data Center Support Office telephone center at (800)538-9552. A list of ID card facilities is available at www.dmdc.osd.mil/rsl/owa/home. DEERS eligibility information is also available on the TRICARE Web site, www.tricare.osd.mil/deers/default.cfm