The Stork's Nest

The mission of the Stork’s Nest is to provide the mother-to-be close proximity to U.S. Naval Hospital (USNH)Yokosuka for the labor & delivery of her baby. The USNH Stork’s Nest is a service provided as a free, temporary residence for beneficiaries who meet the waiting list requirements. A safe, comfortable option, the Stork’s Nest welcomes term obstetric beneficiaries for the final one to four weeks of pregnancy. Located in Building 1407, the Stork’s Nest overlooks the water and is adjacent toUSNH Yokosuka. There are 17 private rooms, each with a bathroom, full bed, queen sleeper sofa, refrigerator/freezer, microwave, TV/VCR and dresser. In addition to the individual rooms, there is a lobby with a kitchenette, TV and free laundry facilities. McDonald’s and various other restaurants are within walking distance of the Stork’s Nest. The Stork’s Nest is fully equipped to provide maximum comfort and a home-like atmosphere.

The Storks Nest Case Manager is LTJG Natalie Mills who coordinates the beneficiaries' transition from referring medical treatment facility to Storks Nest.  LTJG Mills can be reached at 243-8747. 

The residents of the Stork’s Nest can use USNH dining room or patronize the various Yokosuka base restaurants. Residents may leave the base, but because it is so close to delivery time, it is recommended to stay in close proximity to the base. Children are welcome at the Stork’s Nest as long as there is another adult who can care for them when Mom goes into labor.

Residents are also responsible for the daily cleaning of their rooms, just as at home. We appreciate cooperation in maintaining the general cleanliness of your room as well as the common areas (living/dining room, kitchenette, bathrooms and laundry room) in consideration of other Stork’s Nesters. 

 As soon as you are aware that you are expecting please sign up for the Storks Nest at OB/GYN clinic located on the 2nd deck of the hospital at 243-8747. As soon as a room is available the Storks Nest manager will notify you. We hope to place you in a room 7-10 days prior for Atsugi and Zama residents and up to 30 days for Sasebo and Iwakuni residents depending on availability.  In the event a room is not available you will receive a non-availability letter and the patients command or spouses command will fund for lodging elsewhere. Due to the volume of births at USNH Yokosuka we cannot guarantee the availability of a room.   if you no longer wish to stay or deliver early and would not require a room, please notify the Storks nest manager immediately.

Criteria for Stork Nest Eligibility:
  1. Eligible OB beneficiaries (USNH Yokosuka) are those who are able to care for themselves and are in a non-patient status. The Stork’s Nest is not a patient care facility, but free temporary military billeting/lodging, or a home away from home.

  2. On average, a beneficiary must live more than 45 minutes away from USNH Yokosuka.

  3. If you bring children, you need to have a childcare provider to care for your children for all your OB appointments and admission to the hospital for labor and delivery. The childcare provider may stay with you or be no more than 45 minutes away. USNH Yokosuka does not provide childcare.

  4. You will need to assure that the coffee pot is clean, the refrigerator and microwave are cleaned inside and out, the sofa bed is put away, the beds are stripped and all linen and towels are placed into the linen bag provided in the room. The room keys should be returned to the OB/GYN department on the 2nd floor of the hospital Monday thru Friday between the hours of 0730-1600. After 1600 Monday thru Friday, and on holidays and weekends, please return the keys to the quarter deck at the main entrance of the hospital.

  5. If you meet the criteria for eligibility, you are placed on a waiting list with the following information:
    • The name of the woman to give birth
    • SSN number and example – 30/1230 prefix and last four
    • Home and work phone numbers
    • Expected Date of Confinement (EDC) or delivery date
    • Gravida/Parity (how many times you’ve been pregnant and times you’ve given birth)
    • Medical clinic that is currently providing OB care for you
    • How many adults and children will be accompanying you to the Stork’s Nest.

*You are responsible for signing yourself up for the Stork’s Nest. The sooner you sign up, the better. You may sign up as soon as you find out that you are pregnant.

What to bring with you
  • OB & medical records
  • Clothes for appropriate season
  • Raincoat and/or umbrella
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Walking shoes
  • Clothing for baby
  • Favorite pillow and blanket (optional)
  • Towels and wash clothes (optional)
  • Car seat(s) (mandatory)
  • Money, major credit cards, or ATM card
Download the Stork's Nest Welcome Package
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