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Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, VA 
620 John Paul Jones Circle
Portsmouth, VA 23708-2197
Phone: 757-953-5000; DSN: 377-5000

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Military Medicine Division



Services are for active duty military only. Hours of operation are from 0700-1530, Monday-Friday.
Services include routine medical appointments as well as physical exams,
PHA screenings, sea duty screenings, overseas screenings, optometry, and immunizations.

Appointments may be obtained by calling TRICARE at 1-866-MIL-HLTH. If you have an emergency on base call 492-6911.
For off-base emergencies please call 911. If medical attention is needed after 1530, active duty members can go to BHC Oceana
Monday- Friday until 1900.



Physicals are performed in a two-step process.

Step One:

1. Please make sure you bring your military I.D., a black ink pen and have your medical and dental records available. You will
be filling out all forms required for your physical.

2. Complete all items on the physical exam check list. The laboratory studies will be ordered in the computer.

3. Fast for 12 hours prior to having the laboratory studies drawn. This can be completed during normal working hours on a day
of your choosing but must be completed prior to making an appointment for a physical. Do not have anything to eat or drink
except for water. You may take your medications as needed.

3. Leave any prescription contact lenses out for 24 hours prior to your physical and bring your prescription eyeglasses.

4. Audiogram, EKG and any other ancillary tests will be performed prior to scheduling the physical exam. Once the above and
laboratory tests are completed, return to MSC to schedule the physical exam.

Step Two:

1. Arrive at your appointed time for a physician or physician assistant to perform your physical.

Re-enlistment screenings are performed Monday through Friday between the hours 0730-1100 and 1300-1500 on a walk-in basis.
Please ensure your 5-year physical is up to date.

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IMMUNIZATIONS (757) 953-3837

Hours of Operation
Mon, Tue, Wed, 0700-1500 
Thurs: 0830-1500

Fri: 0700-1100

Walk-in basis, with the exception of yellow fever and allergy shots.
NO PPD given on Wednesdays after 1100 and Thursdays.

By Appontment only:

  • Yellow Fever Shots - given only on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, from 0800-1000.
  • Allergy Shots:
    Mon, Tue, Wed: 0715-1045 and 1300-1430,
    Thurs: 0900-1045 and 1300-1430
    Fri: 0715-1045


MEDICAL RECORDS (757) 953-9907

Hours of operation are from 0700-1530, Monday-Friday. Hours of operation for personnel checking in to the base are from 0800-1030.

Personnel who are checking out can do so at any time during normal working hours.

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Upon receipt of overseas orders, active duty members need to report to the Overseas Screening Department between the hours of
0700-1100, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

Family members who need to be screened can schedule their appointments through TRICARE at BHC Oceana.



The purpose of the operational duty screening process is to ensure that every service member meets the physical, medical and
dental standards for assignment to sea duty. The process is divided into two appointments. On the first visit the member's record will
be reviewed for discrepancies and will be identified and corrected. At the second appointment a Medical Provider will ensure all requirements
are met before signing your qualification for transfer to sea duty. Upon receipt of operational duty orders, please come to the
Operational Duty Screening Department between the hours of 0700-1100, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday

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PRT Screenings are by appointment only and members are required to bring a copy of the Risk Factor Screening Form completed by the
Command's PRT Coordinator, a PRT SF600, and their medical record.

*Note- If Use of Tobacco is the only item marked yes to on the Risk Factor screening form, the member does not need to schedule an
appointment. This will be addressed on a walk-in basis.



The Health Promotion Department is located at the Branch Health Clinic Naval Air Station Oceana. Monthly wellness classes and
individualized education are offered at Dam Neck Annex and Naval Air Station Oceana. For additional information go to the following link:

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RADIOLOGY  (757) 953-9909

The Radiology Department provides routine X-rays to support the needs of BHC Oceana Dam Neck Annex and the tenant commands.
A Radiology Request chit (SF519a) is required if our CHCS system is down. Hours of operation are 0700-1530, Monday-Friday.


LABORATORY  (757) 953-9879

Hours of operation are 0700-1530, Monday-Friday. Specimens drawn at other military facilities or commercial reference laboratories will
not be accepted. If you are interested in becoming a bone marrow donor, please call 953-3826.

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OB/GYN 953-9885

The OB Clinic hours of operation are 0745-1500, Monday-Friday for Active Duty service members and eligible beneficiaries.
For routine appointments and New OB registration classes please call TRICARE at 1-866-MIL-HLTH.
The GYN Clinic is open for Active Duty members only on Tuesdays from 1300-1500.



EFMP is a program designed to identify family members with long-term health care or educational needs. This program helps to
ensure service members will be assigned to a location where the special needs of their family members are met. Hours of operation
are from 0800-1030 & 1300-1430, Monday-Friday on a walk-in basis.

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PHARMACY (757) 953-9881

Hours of operation are 0700-1530, Monday-Friday for Military prescriptions only. You must present your military I.D. card when picking
up a prescription. If you are picking up a family member's prescription, you must present the members I.D card. If we are unable to fill your prescription, you may fill it at Branch Health Clinic, NAS, Oceana. All refills are on a walk-in basis. We do not require that you call in your
refill orders by phone.


DENTAL (757) 953-9854

Services are for active duty only. The hours of operation for Dental are 0700 to 1530, Monday through Thursday and Friday 0700 to 1100.
Dental sick call is 0700 to 1100. For after hours dental emergencies, staff are to report Sewell’s Point Branch Dental Clinic in Norfolk.

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