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Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, VA 
620 John Paul Jones Circle
Portsmouth, VA 23708-2197
Phone: 757-953-5000; DSN: 377-5000

Family Centered Maternal - Infant Care

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
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Family Centered Maternal-Infant Care

Navy Prenatal Resources - Page 2

Hampton Roads

This page contains information on many Prenatal Resources available in Hampton Roads. Additional resources are covered in other webpages found in the Family Centered Maternal-Infant Care Website.

American Red Cross

Domestic Violence

Free Stuff

Specific Information for Pregnant Sailors

Budgeting for Baby

Emergency Financial Assistance

Navy New Parent Support Program

Supplemental Food

Child Care

Family Advocacy Program

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

Child Care For Medical Appointments

Financial Management

One-on-One Help

What's on Each Base

NEW LAWS JULY 01, 2007 Concerning the below topics:

Child Safety Seats

Virginia's Child Restraint Device Law

Virginias Passenger Safety Belt Law

Virginia 's Pickup Truck Law

Fleet & Family Service Centers


Child Placement Program


The Navy Child Placement Program exists to help parents find care for their children. The greatest demand for care in this area is for children under two years old. The Navy provides care through Child Development Centers (CDC) and Child Development Homes (CDH). CDH care is provided in the home of the provider. The cost, training, program and nutrition are the same in a CDC and CDH. Infants must be at least six weeks old to receive care.

Priority for care goes to dual active duty military parents, single active duty parents, active duty parents with a full time working spouse and active duty parents with a full time student spouse. Hourly, drop in care may be available but you will have to call your local center to find out. Children will have to be registered for this.

Expectant mothers may submit an application for child care in Navy Child Development Centers and Child Development Homes. The application will be processed and your name place on the Tier 1 list or inactive waiting list. You must notify the Child Placement Program within 30 days of the birth of your child

You will then be moved to the Tier 2 list or active waiting list. Your position on this list depends upon the date of the application, not the date of birth. If you fail to notify them, they will assume you have child care arrangements and remove you from the waiting lists. Applications are available at the Education Station in each OB clinic and may be dropped off at any Child Development Center or the Child Placement Program Office.

The current cost for infant care is $135 per week. This cost will be reduced based upon your family income. When you accept a slot, you will have to pay for two weeks of care up front. $50 of this is a non-refundable deposit. The deposit is applied toward the cost of care. Example, an E-3 single mom may pay $60 per week. When she accepts the slot, she will have to pay $120 with $50 being the nonrefundable deposit. If you are offered a slot and refuse it, you will be removed from the waiting list.

The Child Placement Program also has a 24 hour, 7 day a week facility near Naval Station Norfolk for parents working shifts.

Navy Mid-Atlantic Region Child and Youth Programs
Resource and Referral Office
Child Placement Program Office
1565 Piersey Street
Naval Station Norfolk

1-866-NAVYCDC (628-9232), Call this number and select “4” to call any of the Child Development Centers.

Child Development Centers

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth , Child Waiting Center,
Bldg. 249, Hours M-F 0630-1615 , Call 953-6873 for reservations

Care is provided for infants (6 weeks and older) and children up to age 5. Proof of appointment and age appropriate immunizations are required. It is located on the ground floor beside the parking garage near the hospital entrance

Naval Station Norfolk , Hours M-F 0500-1800, Infant Capacity 28

(Not on the Naval Station off Hampton Blvd , near the Personal Services Mall)

Little Creek NAB , Hours M-F 0615-1730 Infant Capacity 24

Oceana NAS, Hours M-F 0615-1800 Infant Capacity 8

Oceana, Dam Neck Annex, Hours M-F 0600-1800 Infant Capacity 16

Yorktown NWS, Hours M-F 0530-1800 Infant Capacity 8

Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Hours M-F 0600-1800 Infant Capacity 8

Northwest Annex, Hours M-F 0530-1800 Infant Capacity 16

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Child Care for Medical Appointments

The Child Placement Program provides free temporary child care for parents who have medical appointments at the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. Care is provided for infants (6 weeks and older) to children age 5.

Registration is not required but reservations, proof of appointment and proof of age appropriate immunizations are. Make reservations by calling 953-6873.

The Child Waiting Center is open Monday thru Friday from 0630-1615. It is located on the ground floor of the parking garage near the hospital entrance

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior used to establish power and control over a spouse, intimate partner or child through fear and intimidation. It often includes threats or use of violence. It may include emotional abuse, economic abuse, and sexual abuse. Domestic violence is the current common term for what has historically been called spouse and child abuse.

The Family Advocacy Programs (FAP) of all services seek to prevent abuse and neglect in families, protect victims, hold offenders accountable and assist with rehabilitation through education and counseling. Family Advocacy Programs are part of the Fleet and Family Service Centers (Army Community Services, Air Force Family Services ) Additional information is available in the Family Advocacy Program brochure at the education station.

Each situation receives its own evaluation by a licensed clinical provider to determine what is needed . If needed you will receive a referral to a FAP Victim Advocate. You can contact Victim Advocates without a referral. They can provide the following services:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Safety Assessment and Safety Planning
  • Education and Support
  • Information about your rights
  • Referrals to community agencies for financial assistance, food, shelter, counseling and legal assistance
  • Transportation to shelters, court, medical ,legal and support group appointments.
  • Accompaniment to investigative agencies, legal appointments and court appearances.

Hampton Roads Navy Family Advocacy Programs

Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth
Bldg. 249 (w/ ARC)

Naval Station Norfolk
Bldg. SDA-344
7928 14 th St (w/FFSC)

Little Creek NAB
Bldg 3129
1450 D Street (w/FFSC)

Oceana NAS, Dam Neck
Bldg. 531
1896 Laser Rd (w/FFSC)

Northwest Annex
Bldg. 374
4504 Relay Rd. (w/FFSC)

WPNSTA Yorktown
799 Powder Keg Lane, Gate 3

Area Family Violence Shelters

YWCA Women In Crisis, Norfolk , 625-5570
Samaritan House, Virginia Beach , 430-2120
Help & Emergency Response, Portsmouth , 485-3384
Hampton Shelter, Hampton ,723 -7774
Genieve Shelter, Suffolk , 1-800-969-4673
Avalon Shelter, Williamsburg , 1-757-258-5051
The Laurel Shelter, Gloucester , 1-888-289-2102
Albemarle Hope Line, Elizabeth City , NC , 1 -252-338-3011
Chowan Services for Abused Families, 1-252-332-1933

Victim Advocates

These phone numbers put you in direct contact with a victim advocate.


Phone Number



Naval Station Norfolk

444-2230, 445-6403, 445-6462, 445-6213

Little Creek




Northwest Annex




Victim Advocate Coordinator


After Hours Military Southside

430-2120 or 739-6698

After Hours Military Peninsula


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