Provide Pay & Personnel Support & Services to military personnel and their families encompassing all activities supporting pay, personnel & transportation for eligible personnel in the assigned area.


Off the 264 exit at Effingham and follow the signs for the hospital. Effingham ends at the main gate of the hospital. Immediately upon entering there is a parking garage off to the left. On the second level of the garage at the end nearest the main gate, there is a walk-way that goes straight to building 3. After passing the NEX in building 3, there are elevators that personnel can take up to the 9th floor. The 9th floor then has signs that designate where PSD is located.

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Charette Health Care Center
Building 3, 9th Floor

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 0730-1500


Customer Service/ESR Entries: (757) 953-7859
Disbursing: (757) 953-7857
ID Card Lab: (757) 953-7874
Receipts: (757) 953-7860
Reenlistment Extensions: (757) 953-9195
Reserve Pay: (757) 953-7856
Separations: (757) 953-7862
Shipyard: (757) 396-5796/1299
Transfers: (757) 953-7873

Miscellaneous Numbers:

DFAS & MYPAY: (866) 332-7411
DFAS Retirement: (800)321-1080
Household Goods: (757)443-3700