Refractive Surgery

Refractive Surgery Waiting List Information

Our database is very large and, due to the nature of our patients op-tempos, extremely dynamic. Unfortunately, this makes it very difficult to accurately predict waiting times. We recognize that most applicants are very anxious to have surgery, but we cannot provide accurate individual estimates of waiting times.

Please do not contact us for status updates. We are doing everything possible to expedite the process and will consider your application as soon as possible

usn.hampton-roads.navhospporsva.list.NMCP-Eye-LaserSurgery@mail.mil is available to answer questions about refractive surgery in general. We look forward to assisting you in the future.

Refractive Surgery Consult Form

  1. Download and print the Refractive Surgery Consult Form
  2. Completely fill out all information in Part 1 of the form.
  3. Commanding Officer fills out Part 3 of the form.
  4. Schedule a routine optometry appointment at your nearest Military Treatment Facility or Branch Clinic. Take the form and your health record to the appointment; the doctor will complete Part 2 of the form. The refractive surgery consult must be completed and signed off by an MTF vision care provider. As a military sponsored program, civilian eye exams & signatures are not authorized.
  5. FAX the form to the number on the lower right side of the consult form.
  6. HIPPA VIOLATION: Due to the inability to accept encrypted e-mails, we are unable to ensure the security of your personal information. Please DO NOT scan and send your consult forms via the e-mail below. Attachments will not be opened.
  7. Within 30 days of receipt, we will send one confirmation email to your .mil address, confirming receipt of your application. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 30 days of faxing your form, please send one enquiry from your .mil address.
  8. You will be contacted with further information when your name comes to the top of our database. To contact our staff or to report changes in the contact information on your application: usn.hampton-roads.navhospporsva.list.NMCP-Eye-LaserSurgery@mail.mil

Refractive Surgery FAQs