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Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, VA 
620 John Paul Jones Circle
Portsmouth, VA 23708-2197
Phone: 757-953-5000; DSN: 377-5000

Pediatric Department

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth


Pediatric Subspecialty Group

Point of Contact:

Pediatric Endocrinologists

North Mall of the Charette Health Care Center (Building 2) within the Pediatric Specialty Clinic which is located on the second floor

Availability of Services:
Monday-Friday except for government holidays

Scope of Care:
We care for children with a variety of conditions, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Disorders of bone metabolism/formation
  • Disorders of sexual development
  • Disorders of the thyroid, adrenal and parathyroid glands
  • Hirsutism
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Pituitary disorders including short stature
  • Growth disorders

Pediatric Endocrinology

The endocrinology specialists at NMCP Portsmouth provide a comprehensive range of diagnosis and treatment programs for infants, children and adolescents with conditions or diseases of the endocrine system.

 Two girls on a swing.

Referral Requested:

Referral Instructions:
Tricare Prime from Military Treatment Facility: Submit the referral to Health Net Federal Services (HNFS). Instruct your patients to call the Hampton Roads Appointment Center (HRAC) at 1-866-646-4584 in 48 hours to schedule their appointment. Everyone must call within 28 days or the referral will be closed. If they are appointed to the network they will receive a letter within 10 working days with infomation related to their appointment.

Tricare Prime from civilian offices: Submit the referral to HNFS. Tell your patients to call HNFS at 1-877-TRICARE in 4 working days for information related to their appointment.

Tricare Standard: Submit the referral through HNFS. Patients will receive a letter in approximately 10 days with information on how to schedule their appointment. They can call HNFS at 1-877-TRICARE to check the status of referral.

Additional Information:

New patients are evaluated in a timely manner and are triaged according to acuity of need.

The following guidance is provided concerning referrals:

In general, patients>18 should be referred to an adult endocrinologist.

Obese, pre-diabetic patients should not routinely be referred for pediatric endocrine consultation unless co-morbid endocrine conditions such as diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and hyperlipidemia are diagnosed or suspected. These patients are more cost-effectively managed by the primary care manager and a pediatric nutritionist. Regularly scheduled follow up is recommended and management should be directed at lifestyle/nutrition modifications and exercise.

In order to provide the best possible patient care, please, at the time of referral, fax patient growth chart, all related lab and radiographic studies, and medical records of chronic medical conditions.

The clinic fax number is 757-953-0877. "Urgent" or "ASAP" referrals should be discussed with the pediatric endocrinologist before the consultation request is entered. Further evaluation may be recommended, the results of which may decrease the urgency of or need for specialty.

The pediatric endocrinologist can be reached by pager (757-988-5283) or by phone (757-953-2987 option #1)


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