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Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, VA 
620 John Paul Jones Circle
Portsmouth, VA 23708-2197
Phone: 757-953-5000; DSN: 377-5000


Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
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Digital Imaging Network Picture Archiving and Communications System (DINPACS)

DINPACS is a Radiology department system which incorporates:

- Medical image acquisition devices (i.e. CT, MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound)
- Image processing systems (i.e. CADSTREAM, R2, Vitrea)
- Storage for all captured and/or processed images (routine and diagnostic)
- Computer workstations with applications that allow users to view and manipulate the images
- A physical network that allows communication between all of these devices, with access to other hospital resources such as:

o Exam Dictation systems (3M SoftMed, Dragon Naturally Speaking)
o The Naval Hospital's Radiology Information System - CHCS

The NMCP PACS office provides:

- Help desk services for all PACS related issues 0730-1700 weekdays and 24 hours a day for any emergent situations.
- NMCP Radiology imagery and study Quality Assurance
Hands-on training sessions to all system users are available. Please call to request/schedule training.
- Modality configuration and troubleshooting
- Specialized services on as needed basis (i.e. non-routine Patient Study CDs and DVDs, non-routine hard copy film printing, archiving non-NMCP Patient Study CDs and DVDs for review/comparisons)
- NMCP Digital Dental Imagery troubleshooting and support

For all PACS related problems and requests
, please contact the PACS office at

1. (757) 953-1162 M-F 0730-1700
2. (757) 988-5519 for all emergent PACS needs any time.


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2011 Rad for PCM Itinerary

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