Current Pharmacy Patient Wait Times

NMCP & Surrounding Branch Health Clinic Pharmacies

Pharmacy Current Patient Wait Time
NMCP Outpatient Pharmacy0:13:34
Norfolk Pharmacy0:05:42
Boone Pharmacy0:04:39
Oceana Pharmacy0:09:52
Yorktown Pharmacy0:00:00
Virginia Beach TPC Pharmacy0:00:00
Chesapeake TPC Pharmacy1:08:59
Scott Center Pharmacy0:00:00

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Note: Wait time is measured from when the ticket was printed from the Q-Flow kiosk until the prescription is ready for pickup for the patient CURRENTLY being served. Due to the dynamic nature of patient arrival traffic, wait times are subject to change and vary from when you view the time online until you actually arrive at the pharmacy. Individual prescription preparation times and patient category may also vary, affecting your wait time. Data is updated every five minutes, please refresh page for update. Please be sure to verify the hours of operation and services for your chosen pharmacy location.