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BE: Happy Healthy Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing, this time of year can disrupt your healthy habits and best-intended wellness goals. Holiday parties, shopping stress, and work deadlines, create the perfect storm to sabotage your good health.

Here are seven tips to stay well this holiday season:

1. Practice a Salad-A–Day

A leafy green salad is packed with nutrients to keep your body nourished and balanced. Despite heavy holiday offerings at family gatherings or work events, incorporate at least one salad per day.

2. Be Workout Ready

Keep a pair of sneakers and socks in your trunk at all times. When you have 30 to 60 minutes to spare, head out for a walk or run. Invite a friend or co-worker and create an opportunity for social interaction, while burning calories!

3. Park Away from the Mall

Choose the parking spot furthest from the mall or store, to increase your daily steps. By doing this, you will likely reduce your interactions with stressed holiday shoppers, making your experience more enjoyable.

4. Pre-Party and After-Party with Water!

Before and after your holiday parties, drink 16oz of water! Also, stay hydrated during the day to ward off the dreaded hangover.

5. Find a Designated Driver

Plan a designated driver or split a taxi service with friends (it’s much less expensive than a DUI). Doing so will ensure you and your family stay safe after holiday gatherings.

6. Dance, Dance, Dance

Skip the smoke breaks at holiday events. Instead, hit the dance floor to burn calories and boost your mood!

7. Eat Colorful Foods

Limit the amount of white, creamy dishes in the holiday fare. Stock up on colorful vegetable and fruit based dishes. These foods are more nutrient dense, contain more fiber, and often have fewer calories than dishes with lots of cream, milk or cheese.