Naval Medical Center San Diego

Exercise Solid Curtain 2010

Exercise Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield 2010 will be conducted on naval bases and installations throughout the continental United States, Hawaii and Guam from March 22-26, 2010. This will be the first year installations in Hawaii and Guam participate in the exercise, and it is the largest Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection exercise conducted nation-wide.

This annual exercise is designed to enhance the training and readiness of Navy security personnel to respond to threats to installations and units. Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield 2010 is not in response to any specific threat, but is a regularly scheduled exercise.

Measures have been taken to minimize disruptions to normal base and station operations, but there may be times when the exercise causes increased traffic around bases or delays in base access. Medical care at Naval Medical Center San Diego and surrounding clinics will continue as normal. Patients are asked to allot additional time for base access to support timely arrival for appointments. Area residents may also see increased security activity associated with the exercise.

For more information about Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield 2010, contact Navy Region Southwest Public Affairs at: (619) 532-1430.

Last Modified: 3/31/2010 10:08 AM