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One of the best deals available to you in the Navy is your dental health benefit - a benefit that is potentially worth thousands of dollars. The dental professionals at Naval Dental Center Southwest provide millions of dollars in services to Sailors and Marines every year. We would like to improve your health by providing our valuable services to you, as you require them.

A major mission of the Dental Corps is to ensure dental readiness. Dental readiness is the dental way of saying that our patients are not expected to have a dental-related emergency in the coming year. We must have dental readiness because it affects the Navy's ability to perform its mission. Through hard work and cooperation of our supported units, we have met our Navy-wide goal of 95% dental readiness. This is a tremendous accomplishment and we are justifiably proud to have obtained this goal with your help.

However, readiness is not enough - we are driven to help our patients achieve dental health. Think of dental health as the next step beyond dental readiness. Being dentally healthy means that all of your dental treatment needs are complete, not just those that could potentially cause emergency conditions. For example, you could have a relatively large cavity and still be dentally ready. As long as your cavity is not expected to cause you an emergency within a year, you are considered ready, but not healthy (Class 2). If you delay treatment of that cavity long enough, it could enlarge to the point that it would be likely to cause a dental emergency (pain and swelling). Then, you would be considered not ready and not healthy (Class 3). Our aim is to make sure that doesn't happen by making you both ready and dentally healthy - Class 1.

We want everyone to be Class 1. Come in to the dental clinic and get your fair share of dental benefits, and help us to ensure your dental health.

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