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Medical Boards

Temporary Limited Duty Boards (TLD)

This office monitors active duty (Navy and Marine Corps) personnel who incur a condition, illness or serious injury that temporarily limits their ability to perform their assigned duties. For Navy and Marine Corps members, the period of Temporary Limited Duty (TLD) will not exceed 16 months, cumulative, before they are either returned to Full Duty or referred to the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) for a fitness to remain on active duty determination. Reserve personnel are not eligible to be placed on TLD; their cases are forwarded to the PEB to determine whether they are physically qualified to remain in a reserve status.

If initial TLD is granted for 8 months, and an extension or renewal is required, the medical treatment facility shall submit the request to service headquarters (Commander, Navy Personnel Command, Millington, TN or Commandant of the Marine Corps, Quantico, VA), as appropriate. Service headquarters may approve additional TLD or direct the medical treatment facility to refer the case to the PEB.

Medical Evaluation Board (MEB)

The Medical Board office processes medical evaluation boards (MEB) which are then forwarded to the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) located at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC. It is the professional judgment of the attending physician and not the decision of the service member whether a MEB should be convened. Service personnel should know that the attending physician has a responsibility to both the service member and the military branch of service to dictate a medical board when the service member has incurred a condition, illness or serious injury that is considered unfitting for further military service. The PEB, alone, determines whether or not the service member rates a disability finding. SECNAVINST 1850.4 series governs this process.

Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL)

he Medical Board office schedules service members, who receive an unfit finding from the Physical Evaluation Board of 30% or greater, with a TDRL reevaluation every 18 months as service headquarters may direct. The condition is considered temporary and must be evaluated periodically over a five year period in accordance with Title 10, United States Code, Section 1210.

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