Secretary of the Navy Designee

​The Secretary of the Navy Designee (SECNAVDES) Program provides special eligibility for medical and dental care in the Naval Medical Facility for patients who have lost their eligibility status due to a number of reasons. To request for SECNAVEDES status, the applicant or sponsor must submit a written request for consideration to the Commander, Naval Medical Center, San Diego, accompanied by a letter of endorsement from the attending physician. The application must contain the fullowing information:

  • Patient's full name and relationship to sponsor
  • Sponsor's full name, rank, branch of service and social security number
  • Sponsor's status (active duty, retired, deceased, separated)
  • The exact date the designee status should begin
  • Reason for designation: e.g. age (specify date of birth), marriage, sponsor leaving the service, etc.)
  • Justification: e.g. teaching case, continuity of care, best interest of the Navy, military is the only source of care, etc
Note that the mere need for healthcare by a former beneficiary alone will not support an approval from SECNAV. SECNAV requires that the request be supported with clear documentation that is current, logical, and justifies why Designee status is in the Navy's best interest. For SECNAVDES requests please call (619) 532-8326.​

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