GME - Anesthesiology Residency Program (ARP)

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We're pleased you are interested in learning more about our outstanding Resident Education Program at Naval Medical Center San Diego! Our goal as a military Anesthesiology residency is to produce first-rate clinicians, medical leaders and top-notch naval officers. Residents are selected for our program on the basis of maturity, leadership, scholarship, and initiative.

The physician entering our anesthesiology-training program will spend three years acquiring the skills, knowledge and expertise essential to the modern practice of anesthesiology. During the CA-1 and CA-2 years, experience is gained systematically through a block rotation system, outlined in the Curriculum Section. An intensive orientation program, didactic lectures, and close mentoring is designed to enable new residents to progress safely and comfortably through the initial stage of residency. Maximum support is provided and new residents are given expanding responsibility as they progress through their training.

As residents gain experience and confidence they are expected to demonstrate independence and sound clinical judgement. The first two years of the residency provide comprehensive clinical training.

The CA-3 year is structured to meet the needs and interests of each resident. Prior to the CA-3 year, each resident will select one of two CA-3 tracks:

  • Advanced Clinical Track: Six months in advanced clinical anesthesiology, with the remaining six months in one to three selected subspecialty rotations or additional advanced anesthesiology.
  • Clinical Scientist Track: Six months of approved clinical or laboratory investigation plus six months of advanced clinical anesthesiology or a subspecialty rotation.