| Laboratory


Building 1, Deck 3


(619) 532-9200


Laboratory operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phlebotomy Hours:
Monday - Friday 0600-1800
Saturday - 0600-1500
Sunday - 0700-1200

Holidays CLOSED


Available At:
NMCSD Hospital Facility


  •  Deliver quality laboratory services in support of the armed forces.
  •  Maintain medical readiness.
  •  Advance medicine through education and training.
  •  Promote an environment which maximizes staff morale and job satisfaction


The Naval Medical Center San Diego Laboratory Department will:

  • Provide the highest quality Laboratory services which are readily accessible, comprehensive, cost effective, and timely.
  • Be considered by patients, health care providers, and colleagues, as well as the civilian and military community, as the leader in providing quality laboratory services.
  • Be fully trained and ready to provide the highest level of operational support.
  • Be regarded as a center for excellence in medical education and professional growth.
  • Use the information management systems to maximize efficiency.
  • Reward performance which supports our values and promotes job satisfaction.
  • Create a safe, non-threatening environment that maximizes staff involvement, encourages team building, and promotes harmony.
  • Use Continuous Quality Improvement to enhance the quality of medical care


Department Phone Numbers

Anatomic Pathology

(619) 532-9326

Blood Bank

(619) 532-9356

Branch Medical Clinics

(619) 532-5360


Core Laboratory

(619) 532-9200


Donor Center

(619) 532-6650


Laboratory Admin

(619) 532-9300



(619) 532-9234


Point of Care Testing

(619) 532-9285