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| Project C.A.R.E. (Comprehensive Advanced Restorative Effort)





A multi-disciplinary patient care initiative to help restore function and improve the appearance of traumatically injured Service Members.





C5 Program Director
Jennifer Town, CIV, CAPT (ret.)

Medical Director
Craig Salt, CAPT, MC, USN


Program Manager
Tae Harris, CIV


Patient Coordinator
Tosha Navarro, CIV



Call (619) 531-1468

or (619) 532-5760  

for more information.



Ask your medical provider to enter a consult for “Project C.A.R.E.” at the

Naval Medical Center San Diego!



Check Out Our Pamphlet Here!


General Information


As a result of combat trauma and training accidents, a great number of service members suffer major life altering injuries, to include limb loss and severe disfigurement. Although our wounded soldiers, Sailors, and Marines receive cutting-edge, state-of-the-art care; the consequences of these injuries lead to emotional distress and an altered self-image.

To help our traumatically wounded recover, both physically and emotionally, Project C.A.R.E. was born. Our mission is to provide emotional support along with surgical and non-surgical care in an effort to improve appearance and restore function. We believe that even the slightest improvement can dramatically increase self-esteem and quality of life.

Once an active duty Service Member is traumatically injured and receives life saving treatment, he or she must begin the road to recovery. In the past, aesthetic improvement for Service Members was considered unnecessary and once a patient was considered functional, he or she was dismissed. Though oftentimes only small improvements can be gained, we believe that even the slightest improvement can dramatically increase self-esteem and quality of life. The C.A.R.E. program’s focus is to improve the appearance and restore the function of traumatic injuries, through total patient rehabilitation.

Who is eligible for C.A.R.E?

Active Duty, Dependents and Retiree Members following:
Combat Trauma
Training Injuries
Civilian Trauma

What services are offered?

Reconstructive Surgery
Laser Treatments for Skin Discoloration
Mental Health Support

Do I have to pay?

No, all treatment is reconstructive rather than cosmetic.

How do I enroll?

Ask your health care provider to refer you for a consultation to
  “Project C.A.R.E.” under MEPRS code BARC.
Call (619) 531-1468 or (619) 532-5760.


Services Offered


Surgical Care


Plastic Surgery

Oral Surgery


Oculoplastic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery


General Surgery

Non-surgical Care


Wound Care Center

Supportive Care



Social Work

Chaplain Services

Support Groups

Treatments Provided


Scar and Wound Revisions

Skin Grafts

Major and Minor Reconstructive Surgery

Laser Treatments for skin discoloration

Wound Care