| Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP)

Clinic Sites

SARP Point Loma
SUBBASE Point Loma
50 Rosecrans,Bldg. 500  
(619) 553-0370

Clinic Hours: 0730-1600

Naval Station San Diego
32nd Street, Bldg. 268

(619) 556-7633
Clinic Hours: 0630-1500

NMCSD Screening Officer  
NavMedCen San Diego
Bldg 6, 3rd Floor
(619) 532-8249
Clinic Hours: 0630-1500

Contact Numbers
SARP Duty Officer (619) 553-0084
SARP NAVSTA Quarterdeck  (619) 556-7633
SARP Point Loma Quarterdeck (619) 553-0084
SARP Scheduling  (619) 553-1196
Specialty Clinics & Departments

Mission Statement

Deliver quality health care in support of the Armed Forces. Maintain medical readiness. Advance medicine through education, training, and research.


Services Provided

SARP provides drug and/or alcohol abuse assessment, consultation, education, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, residential treatment and continuing care services for all active duty adults. Treatment levels offered include:


Impact: A two and a half day program conducted on Monday and Tuesday, full days. This program is designed for patients who have not been diagnosed with a significant substance related disorder, but whose use of substances has created concern for the patient or the patient's command. Impact involves participation in an interactive educational curriculum and exposure to 12 step recovery programs.


Outpatient: An eight day program conducted Monday through Friday on the first week and Monday through Wednesday on the second week. This program is designed primarily for patients diagnosed with Alcohol Abuse. Treatment is designed to assist the patient with the development of a responsible drinking plan, as well as providing information on healthy alternatives to substance use and abuse. Treatment involves participation in small and large group counseling, workshops and task groups, and self-help/12-Step meetings.


Intensive Outpatient: A three-week program conducted Monday through Friday. This program is designed for patients diagnosed with Alcohol Dependence and/or are determined to be in need of an abstinence based treatment program. Patients will be in treatment for full days throughout the three week program. Patients coming from out of the area will be required to arrange berthing at a local BEQ. Treatment consists of participation in small and large group counseling, workshops and task groups, physical fitness and self-help/12-Step meetings.


Residential: A 34-day, 24-hour program conducted Monday through Sunday. This program is designed for patients diagnosed with Alcohol and/or Drug Dependence. All patients assigned to this treatment program, will reside in Building 500, Naval Submarine Base San Diego. Treatment consists of participation in small and large group counseling, workshops and task groups, recreational activities/fitness, medical assessments, psychological/psychiatric assessments and self-help/12-Step meetings.


Family Programs: An educational, support and assistance program offered to family members of individuals enrolled in the various SARP treatment programs. This program offers family members and enrolled patients the opportunity to learn more about how substance abuse/dependence impacts their family.


Continuing Care: This program is available for all patients leaving any of the formal treatment programs. Patients will attend an orientation on the first Monday after treatment is completed and will then be assigned to a weekly Continuing Care group. Patients may participate in these groups for up to one year after inpatient or outpatient treatment concludes. Weekly groups provide the patient an opportunity to work with trained professionals as they apply things learned in treatment in their daily lives. Continuing Care is also open to past patients who wish to get more support for their sobriety.


Tobacco Cessation: A program offered to individuals enrolled in the various SARP treatment programs who would like to learn more about tobacco/tobacco products and consider or engage in a cessation program. Medications and counseling are available upon request.