| Decedent Affairs
About this Service

Monday - Friday:
Contact the OOD's desk after normal working hours 619-532-6400

Available At
NMCSD Hospital Facility

The Decedent Affairs Office provides support for the identification, care, and disposition of remains of deceased persons whom the Department of the Navy is responsible for.

This service includes obtaining proper authorizations for autopsy, preparation and submission of Death Certificates, and preparation of remains. Additionally, they provide advice and counsel to Command Casualty Assistance Calls Officers and to family members of patients who have either died in this facility or other facilities who are eligible for benefits.

The Decedent Affairs Office also coordinates the command Burial at Sea Program.

Divison Officer: (619) 532-8326
Decedent Affairs: (619) 532-8305
Petty Officer In Charge/Burial At Sea Coordinator: (619) 532-8066