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Naval Medical Center San Diego

Records Transfer

34800 Bob Wilson Drive
Suite 114

San Diego, CA 92134



Front Desk: (619) 532-9344
General Help Desk: (619) 532-8102
Military Desk: (619) 532-9156

Legal Desk: (619) 532-8398

Insurance Desk: (619) 532-8584

After Hours urgent requests for newly admitted inpatients or emergency room patients call:
(619) 532-8319



Mon - Fri: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM



Form 2870 - Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information 

The Records Transfer office processes medical records request for health information that includes inpatient, outpatient and same day surgery medical records. This office also assists in the transfer of outpatient records to and from other military treatment facilities. Medical records requests can be made by walk-in, written (mailed), or fax (619-532-7755).



Copies of medical records may be requested through the Outpatient Records Counter, window 1, building 1, Monday – Friday 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM.



Please note that requests for any health information cannot be processed without a signed request from the patient or legal representative. The DD Form 2870 for requesting information and authorizing disclosure may be found below. The form should mailed to:


Attn: Medical Records Transfer
Naval Medical Center-Records Transfer
34800 Bob Wilson Drive, Suite 114
San Diego, CA 92134-114 


Front Desk Medical Records Request


The Patient Administration front counter may provide up to 3 encounters including inpatient encounters, outpatient visits, labs, radiology reports, and immunizations.



General Medical Records Request


Medical records request for more than 3 outpatient visits, lab results, radiology reports, numerous surgeries or inpatient stays will be facilitated through the Records Transfer Department. Copies of these medical records will be emailed to you. In extreme circumstances where emailing is not an option, you can contact the Records Transfer personnel to discuss alternative delivery options.



Timely Action


According to the DoD Health Information Privacy Regulation (DoD 6025.18-R) the Naval Medical Center San Diego will act on the medical records request within 30 business days of the date the request was submitted. Such action will either inform you of the acceptance of the request and provide you with the requested copy, or provide a written denial explaining the reasons for the denial. If the requested information is not maintained at Naval Medical Center San Diego you will be notified via phone or in writing and will be directed to submit your request to the military treatment facility where your physical record is located. Within 10 business days from when you submit your request you may call Records Transfer and check the status.



Urgent Medical Record Request


Medical records request will ONLY be expedited for the following reasons: request is a court order, subpoena, the patient is a current inpatient at another facility or the patient is currently in the emergency room. The urgent requests listed above will need to faxed or delivered directly from Naval Medical Center San Diego legal department, the organization requesting the medical record copies or a legal representative.



Non-Urgent Medical Records Request


Medical records request that are not listed above as “urgent” are considered “non-urgent” and will be processed within 30 business days of the date the request was submitted. There are absolutely no exceptions.



Requests for Radiology Images, Billing Information, & Medical Photography


Below is the point of contact information for requesting radiology images, medical photography and billing information for encounters at Naval Medical Center San Diego.





 Naval Medical Center San Diego
Radiology Department
34800 Bob Wilson Drive
San Diego, CA 92134-1204


Naval Medical Center San Diego

Third Party Liability

34800 Bob Wilson Drive

San Diego, CA 92134-1204 

 Naval Medical Center San Diego

Medical Photography Department

34800 Bob Wilson Drive

San Diego, CA 92134-1204

Phone: (619) 532-7393
Fax: (619) 532-8705


Phone: (619) 532-6636

Fax: (619) 532-8705 

 Phone: (619) 532-8053

Fax: (619) 532-8052

 Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri: 7:30PM - 3:30PM

 Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri: 7:00PM - 3:00PM

 Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 7:30PM - 3:30PM





Active duty staff members stationed at Naval Medical Center San Diego must submit their medical records request through the Military Health Center Medical Records Department in BLDG 5, 2nd Floor.
Phone: (619) 532-6666      Fax: (619) 532-9995



TRICARE Outpatient and Branch Health Clinic Patients


If your physical medical record is not maintained at Naval Medical Center San Diego then you must request it from the location in which your record is located. TRICARE Outpatient and Branch Health Clinics maintain their patients’ medical records and are authorized to release medical records with a proper authorization. Below is the point of contact list for the Medical Records Department for the TRICARE Outpatient and Branch Health Clinics in which you will need to contact in order to request copies of your medical records.


They can be contacted at the following telephone numbers:


Branch Clinic Miramar (858) 577-9956/9952 (858) 577-6246
Branch Clinic North Island (619) 545-4287/ 4263/ 4292 (619) 545-0761
Branch Clinic Naval Station 32nd Street (619) 556-6302 (619) 556-9419
Branch Clinic NTC (619) 524-4951/ 4912 (619) 524-0086
Branch Clinic El Centro (760) 339-2677 (760) 339-2661
TRICARE Outpatient Clinic Clairemont Mesa (619) 645-0155 option #4 (619) 645-0193
TRICARE Outpatient Chula Vista (619) 744-5397 (619) 744-5391
TRICARE Outpatient East County (619) 645-0114 (619) 645-0127
Military Health Center (active duty staff) (619) 532-6666 (619) 532-9995



Retired Records


Inpatient, outpatient and same day surgery records are retired to the National Personnel Record Center after five years of no activity. Below is the point of contact information for the National Personnel Records Center. National Personnel Records Center

1 Archives Drive

Saint Louis, MO 63138

Phone: (314) 801-0800

Fax: (314)-801-9195

Website: http://www.archives.gov/st-louis/  


Instructions for Accessing E-mailed Medical Records


Your medical records will be e-mailed to you from (SAFE) Safe Access File Exchange. The e-mail will be from NO-REPLY@AMRDEC.ARMY.MIL. The subject will be AMRDEC Safe Access File Exchange Delivery Notice. The email may come to your inbox, junk mail, or spam folder, so from the date you turn in your form you should look in all your incoming folders for this email. The e-mail will have a link to the website and a password to securely access your medical record. You will then click on the website link and type in the password that is provided in the e-mail message. Access to your medical record will only be available on through SAFE for 14 days from the date it was sent.



Requesting Additional Medical Record Copies To Be Sent Again


The Records Transfer Department receives e-mail confirmations directly from the SAFE website once the medical record was successfully sent. If the Records Transfer Department has confirmation that the e-mail was sent and you are requesting that it be sent again you will have to fill out and submit another medical records request authorization form. Expect the turnaround time to fulfill the request to be within 30 business days after submission of your new request. The reason being is that the request had already has been processed and another request for it to be sent again is considered a new request. It is the individual’s responsibility to retrieve the e-mail to access their medical record within the 14 days.