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Navy Medicine East > Psychiatric (SPRINT)

Special Psychiatric Rapid Intervention Team
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Duty Pager (757) 988-9317 (24 Hrs)

Mission Statement

The SPRINT provides short-term mental health and emotional support immediately following a disaster or traumatic event. The goal is to prevent long-term medical psychiatric dysfunction or disability.


The SPRINT is composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses and nurse practitioners, licensed clinical social workers, Navy Chaplains, Navy neuropsychiatric technicians, civilian and USPHS personnel assigned to Navy Medical Center Portsmouth.

Services Provided

The SPRINT provides both educational and consultative services to local supporting agencies for long term problem resolution by engaging in direct consultation with the requesting chain of command, assisting local medical, mental health and Chaplain personal with command debriefing, assisting in identifying at-risk personnel and facilitate timely follow-up, and provide command and members with resources for mental health follow-up if necessary.

Geographical Area of Responsibility

Navy Medicine East SPRINT AOR is from the southeast coast of the United States west to the Mississippi River, the Caribbean, Atlantic Waterways and Europe.

Requesting and Approval Procedures

Official Request: Any Navy command can request SPRINT assistance by sending a message to CNO (N931) via operational chain of command (may be completed verbally in emergency situations). As decision authority, CNO (N931) approves SPRINT request and directs BUMED to provide appropriate team. Upon CNO tasking, BUMED will notify the designated command(s) to support the mission followed by a message with copies to the appropriate echelon 2 and responsible line commanders. 

Necessary Information from Requesting Command

The following information should be provided in the message/request:

  • Nature of the crisis situation
  • Proposed dates and locations of deployment
  • Supported command POC information
  • Passport and visa requirements (if required)
  • Reporting instructions
  • Local travel arrangements
  • Uniform or organizational equipment requirements (if required)
  • Anticipated SPRINT concept of operations
  • Funding information (requesting command pays travel and per diem)

Support Requirements

The SPRINT missions are not self-sufficient. The organization or activity that receives and supports the SPRINT must provide the following minimum support: shelter, berthing, utilities, laundry facilities, space for debriefings, messing, security, administrative and communication support.

Contact Information

Official Requests:

Chief Naval Operations
Medical Resources, Plans and Policy Division (N931)
Phone: 703-571-2947 

Navy Medicine East SPRINT Duty Pager 757-988-9317 (24 Hrs)
Navy Medicine East SPRINT Duty Cell 757-449-8596


  • OPNAVINST 6440.1B
  • BUMEDINST 6440.6