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Certification for Restrictions on Lobbying

Grant and cooperative agreement awards greater than $100,000 require a certification of compliance with a national policy mandate concerning lobbying. Statutes and government-wide regulations require the certification to be submitted at the time of proposal rather than at the time of award. The certification is set forth at Appendix A to 32 CFR 28 regarding lobbying. The certification can be provided in either of three ways:

  1. When submitting your proposal through, by completing block 17 of the SF 424 R&R, the grant applicant is providing the certification on lobbying required by 32 CFR Part 28.
  2. Print the Certification for Restrictions on Lobbying Form and have it signed in full text by an authorized official of the university, nonprofit organization or commercial entity.
  3. Incorporation by exact reference to the CFR as cited above. The proposal must include the following: "By signing and submitting the proposal, the proposer is providing Certification at Appendix A to 32 CFR Part 28 regarding lobbying." The proposal must be signed and dated by an authorized official of the organization.
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