Department 37 - Hyperbaric Medicine


Our mission is to provide operational medical support and consultative services for all DoD personnel serving worldwide. We accomplish this by providing hyperbaric treatment for indicated dysbaric diseases, including altitude-related reactions and appropriate clinical entities for DoD medical beneficiaries. We provide medical expertise for clinical evaluations for special duty involving Diving Duty, Naval Special Warfare, Submarine Duty, Nuclear Field Duty, and Ionizing Radiation work. We also conduct quality assurance and case reviews for all patients examined in the Hyperbaric Medicine Department and provide direct medical support, as needed, for local military and DoD civilian divers, as well as operational units within our area of responsibility.

Contact Information

For Emergencies (24/7): (850)449-4629

Administrative: (850) 452-2369/3409 DSN: 459-2369/3409