Technician Program

The Mission

The mission of the Radiation Health Technician Course is to provide initial training in the knowledge and skills necessary to manage Navy Radiation Health Programs and to support Naval Nuclear Propulsion, Nuclear Weapons, Medical/Dental and Industrial Radiological Controls Programs. Instruction is provided in Radiological Fundamentals, Radiological Controls, Personnel Dosimetry, Medical Surveillance, Casualty Response, Radiation Health Administration, Computer Science, Mathematics, Personnel Training, and Radiation Safety at Naval Medical Facilities.

Professional Requirements

Entry grade Radiation Health Technician positions require, as a minimum, a High School Elemental Science course with a "C" or better, graduation from Hospital Corpsman Basic School (CIN B-300-0010), graduation from Radiation Health Technician "Class C" School (CIN B-322-0010), and a secret security clearance. Member must be physically qualified for transfer.

For additional information and schedule see the CANTRAC