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Enlisted Learning Continuum

The Enlisted Learning Continuum provides opportunities for Sailors to develop professionally by focusing on the practice and business of Navy Medicine in both the operational and MTF settings. Basic entry level Sailorization (i.e. HM "A" School, Advancement Examination preparation, Center for Naval Leadership courses, FMSS and other Basic "C" Schools, 1st permanent duty station training) are the primary focus for E1-E4 Sailors. For those in the E5-E6 paygrades, there are a number of advanced courses, and executive courses are available for E7-E9. These are delivered through resident (in-house), the web via Navy e-Learning (accessible now via NETC Learning Management System at, or through correspondence/CD ROM. Personnel are encouraged to explore and complete courses who wish to take them earlier in their career, or complete courses that are targeted to a billet or job rather than paygrade (i.e. courses in Navy e-Learning).

As always, your input is important. Please contact us with your suggestions or if your command- sponsored courses are not listed at Enlisted Learning Continuum Feedback.


Advanced Medical Department Enlisted Course
Executive Medical Department Enlisted Course
Clinic Management Course
Patient Administration Course


Plans, Operations, and Medical Intelligence (POMI) Course
​Interagency Course

Population Health and Operational Health 

Sugar, Temperature, Airway, Blood Pressure, Lab Work, and Emotional Support (STABLE) Course
Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) Course
Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center, Environmental Health Training




Hospital Corpsman Basic Skills Program


Bleeding Control  Shock Management Fillable PDF.pdfBleeding Control Shock Management Fillable PDF.pdf
Bleeding Control  Shock Management.pdfBleeding Control Shock Management.pdf
HMSB Evaluator Appointment letter.pdfHMSB Evaluator Appointment letter.pdf
HMSB Program Manager Appointment Letter.pdfHMSB Program Manager Appointment Letter.pdf
Intravenous Therapy Fillable PDF.pdfIntravenous Therapy Fillable PDF.pdf
Intravenous Therapy.pdfIntravenous Therapy.pdf
Medication Administration Fillable PDF.pdfMedication Administration Fillable PDF.pdf
Medication Administration.pdfMedication Administration.pdf
Patient Assessment Fillable PDF.pdfPatient Assessment Fillable PDF.pdf
Patient Assessment.pdfPatient Assessment.pdf
Venipuncture Fillable PDF.pdfVenipuncture Fillable PDF.pdf


HMSB Training Videos


2 Medication Administration.mp42 Medication Administration.mp4
3 Venipuncture.mp43 Venipuncture.mp4
4 IV Therapy.mp44 IV Therapy.mp4
5 Blood Control Shock Management.mp45 Blood Control Shock Management.mp4
6 Patient Assessment Part 1 - Trauma.mp46 Patient Assessment Part 1 - Trauma.mp4
7 Patient Assessment Part 2 -  Medical.mp47 Patient Assessment Part 2 - Medical.mp4